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By Ken Dobbs, Personal Trainer NASM-CPT, CES, PES, GFS, YFS Certified –

golf swingI see it on license plates all the time, “Florida is the golf capital of the world.” With that in mind and the year round good weather we have in Florida, there is plenty of golf to be played. In fact, there is plenty of golf being played throughout the country. You might be able to say that golf is being played more than ever right now. Let me ask you a question. If you could improve your game and at the same time reduce your chance of injury, would you do it? As a golf fitness specialist, my job is to prepare your body in such a way that you can perform your best golf swing possible.

Most people who play golf are very serious about their game. Players take golf lessons as well as spend hundreds of dollars on the latest equipment trying to improve their game. But, perhaps on your quest to become a better golfer, you have started experiencing some pain and discomfort. You may be experiencing low back pain, shoulder discomfort, or even wrist pain.

Back, Shoulder and Wrist Injuries Common in Golf
Even though golf may be looked at as a leisure sport, it is not. It can produce serious injuries. 50% of all golfers experience back pain. Shoulder and wrist injuries are common in the golfing world as well. Chances are that you have a muscle imbalance. If these imbalances are not corrected, the pain could get worse or even develop into a serious injury.

Assessment and Corrective Exercise Program
The first step that needs to be taken in correcting these issues is to get a static assessment and a movement assessment. The information gathered from the assessments will help pinpoint what areas of the body are imbalanced. From there, you will be put on a corrective exercise program to correct these problem areas. Not only will your flexibility increase, but you will also get stronger.

Benefits of a Certified Golf Specialist
I know what you are thinking, what if I’m not experiencing any pain or discomfort? What can a certified golf fitness specialist do for me? How about decreasing your chances of injury, increasing your club head speed, increasing your driving distance, increasing your range of motion, correcting muscle imbalances, improving your balance and coordination, TAKING STROKES OFF YOUR GAME, and helping you get in better shape.

Client Testimonial
Below is a testimony of a client who has been training in the golf fitness program.

“Ken, it has been a pleasure working with you during my first 6 sessions and can’t wait for the next 4. I have noticed a marked improvement in my flexibility and balance since beginning your “golfers” program. While it took the first 5 sessions before I noticed any real significant changes, I can definitely recommend this to any person, regardless of age, who wants to add flexibility to their golf swing. I picked up a full club on my iron shots and the driver was 20 yards longer than usual. Can’t wait for this Wednesday when I tee it up again!!! Thanks for your efforts.”

Jeff Webster
Owner – Your Golf Shop, Inc.
Port Charlotte, FL

Progressive Health and Racquet Club

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