Got Pain? Find Relief with P-STIM

By Dr. Prathima Moorthy –

Find Relief with P-STIMPain Management Center of Naples is excited to offer a safe, drug free alternative to pain relief in Southwest Florida.  P-STIM therapy works to stimulate endorphins, natural pain and stress fighters, to help reduce postoperative pain and decrease the need for pain narcotics.  The stimulated endorphins increase blood flow into affected tissues; relieving pain without the harmful side effects commonly associated with pain medication.

The P-STIM is the only patented ambulatory continuous electrical auricular nerve stimulation treatment that is FDA cleared for use on chronic and acute pain.  The devises is small, about the size of a hearing aid that is noninvasively implanted behind the ear.  It then generates a low frequency and continual pulse that boosts the release of endorphins and relief ones pain. You can find relief from painful conditions such as:
. Migraines
. Cervical Pain
. Lumbar Pain
. Fibromyalgia
. Cancer Pain
. Arthritis and Joint Pain
. Neuropathy
. Sciatica
. Insomnia
. Craniofacial and TMJ Pain
. Wound Care

Frequently asked questions are:
How long does each P-STIM treatment last?
Each treatment cycle lasts four days.  The device operates on 3-hour intervals during the cycle.  After the cycle has ended the device will be deactivated.

What will I feel during the treatment?
Each patient is different, but some have reported feeling a mild tapping or pulsing at the treatment point.  Generally, the sensations is very mild and diminishes over the 4-day cycle.  Some patients report a sense of euphoria and relaxation during the first few treatments.

How do I keep the P-STIM form getting wet?
We suggest holding a wash cloth over the device while showering or washing your hair.  If the P-STIM gets wet it will not shock you but may stop functioning.

How long will the effects of the P-STIM Treatment last?
It is important to realize that each patient is different and results vary.  It is not uncommon, though, for patients to feel the effects for days, weeks or months after the cycle has ended.

Are there any negative effects from using
the P-STIM?
No Know side effects have been reported to date.

What are the most common concerns?
Patients often don’t feel the pulsing on the second day.  That is normal.  Your nerves get accustomed to the pulsing.  The unit is still working and is effective.

The P-STIM treatment is also covered by Medicare and many other insurance providers.  Please contact us for details specific to your insurance coverage.

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