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Pain in Your Feet and Toes: Don’t Let the Symptoms Escalate

Pain in Your Feet and Toes: Don’t Let the Symptoms EscalateWhether young or old, most people lucky enough to live in Florida appreciate the great outdoors. The weather and sunshine allow Floridians and visitors alike time well-spent kayaking, golfing, playing tennis, jogging, and participating in competitive sports for the majority of the year.

While exercising outdoors is a healthy luxury, ballistic movements through exercise and sports-
related activities can cause a great deal of wear and tear on the feet and ankles. Some of the most common are due to repetitive strain. Podiatrists often see issues that deal directly with the toes. One of the most widespread disorders is a condition known as hammertoe.

Hammertoe can be genetic and many times occurs in people with either a high arch or a flat foot. When the muscles in your toes get out of balance, they can start contracting abnormally. This causes the toe to bend in an upward position in the middle joint of the toe. When this happens,

it can create severe pain. Various forms of arthritis can contribute to this issue as well. And unfortunately, ill-fitting footwear can also cause hammertoe, due to pushing the toes out of their normal position for long periods of time.

Hammertoes can be corrected by minimally invasive surgery.  A small titanium screw is placed in the toe to help straighten it into the correct position. If the tendon is only lengthen, the hammertoe will mostly come back.

Whether it’s you, or someone you know that sustains sprains, tears, or other painful injuries to your feet or ankles, it’s imperative that you seek out the best podiatric care to ensure you heal correctly and to eliminate future relapse or recurrence.

Dr. Michael J. Petrocelli, a board-certified podiatrist, was born and raised in North Providence, Rhode Island. He attended the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida where he earned his B.S. degree in Biological Sciences. He then went

on to receive his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree (Cum Laude) at the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. He completed a two-year residency in foot and ankle surgery—with an emphasis on diabetic wound care and limb salvage—at Kern Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Petrocelli has been in practice since 1994. He began with a large group practice in Tampa, FL, before relocating to Naples, FL, in 2002 to start his own practice and be closer to his family.

All forms of lower extremity treatment, including major and minor foot surgeries are within Dr. Petrocelli’s scope. In addition to his practice, Dr. Petrocelli is also the staff podiatrist at the Naples Community Hospital Wound Healing Center.

Dr. Petrocelli is highly experienced in treating foot disorders and deformities like crossover toes and the symptoms that go along with foot pain and discomfort before and after surgery. Collier Podiatry offers great options and routines for the most beneficial rehabilitation and healing.

The caring, supportive staff at Collier Podiatry is available to answer your questions and make your appointment. Please visit their website at, or call them direct at (239) 775-0019

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