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Cortez Foot and Ankle Specialist Provide Superior Care

Working as a registered nurse in the recovery room, Jane Rhudy had met Dr. Harte on numerous occasions over the past year. She was very impressed with him and his wonderful bedside manners.  He would come into the recovery room and make sure all the nurses and his patients had everything they needed before leaving for the day.  Watching him interact with his patients, Dr. Harte would certainly be her choice.  So when faced with foot issues, a year after first meeting Dr. Harte, Jane’s first call was to Cortez Foot and Ankle Specialist to schedule an appointment.

Jane couldn’t say enough about how accommodating the entire team at Cortez Foot and Ankle was to her. She expressed great gratitude for the superior service she has experienced and continues to receive from everyone in the office. “Having worked in health care for more than 30 years in many different capacities, I know excellent health care when I see it. Cortez Foot and Ankle provides exceptional care, second to none in their specialty.”

Pre Operation Discussions:
The surgery Jane had performed was considered elective, so she had a lot of questions for Dr. Harte simply to ensure that she was making the best decision. With her nursing background and medical knowledge, Jane prepared a long list of very detailed questions about the procedure and recovery. “Dr. Harte took time to answer all of my questions and left me feeling confident about choosing to have him perform the surgery.”

Jane expressed her desires to have the surgery in the center where she worked as an orthopaedic nurse, so that she could be around familiar and friendly faces after the procedure. After discussing this with Jane, Dr. Harte kindly agreed to perform the surgery offsite, instead of at the Cortez Foot Surgery Center.

Authorizations and Scheduling:
“Kelly, the surgery scheduler at the office, did a superb job and it was clear that her level of expertise is invaluable to patients.” Kelly assisted Jane with reimbursement and insurance claims. There were numerous phone calls back and forth to make sure all questions were answered and all paperwork was filed correctly. Kelly also made arrangements for the medical equipment that Jane was going to need after surgery. Jane explained how the entire process, from scheduling the surgery to recovery,  has been smooth.

Surgery Day is Here:
Jane recalls that she was very anxious the morning of the surgery. “Dr. Harte could tell my anxiety level was high and when I asked for a hug, he didn’t hesitate to give me one just before the anesthesia was administered. His care and concern for his patients is positively amazing.”

Jane’s surgery lasted approximately 2 ½ hours, in which time Dr. Harte removed a bunion, realigned bones, excised a ganglion cyst, and removed a bone spur. Everything went as planned with the surgery and Jane was able to go home the same afternoon. She scheduled her first follow up visit for three days later. Again, she was glad she had chosen Cortez Foot and Ankle because of their three locations. Jane decided to use the Parrish office for follow up visits because it was closer to her home and more convenient for her son, who had graciously agreed to become her chauffer while she recovered.

Post Operative Appointments:
“Allison, at the Parrish front desk, is always friendly, cheerful and informative. The nursing staff is very professional and everyone takes the time to explain things thoroughly and answer all questions along the way.”

Vickie, on the nursing staff, really made a positive impact on Jane for going above and beyond to provide a touch of extra care. When the cast was removed after six weeks, Jane remembers her leg being smaller, like a chicken leg and hairy.  Vickie asked the physician if she could put Jane’s leg into the whirlpool to let it soak for a while.  “It felt so wonderful.  Then Vickie got some shaving cream and a razor and shaved my leg.  It made me feel as good as new again.  It was like a water party and we laughed along the way.”

“Those little extras don’t come along very often.  That is what makes Cortez Foot and Ankle exceptional and over the top.”

Cohesive Team Effort:
At one office visit, Dr. Harte explained how he was going to be away for a few days, but he reassured Jane that there was no need to miss or cancel her appointment even though he would not be there.  “I was so impressed with the cohesiveness of the practice and the continued patient care. Dr. Handley just jumped right in were Dr. Harte left off. During my office visit, Dr. Handley explained why Physical Therapy would be important.  He recommended that I put myself first for once and schedule Physical Therapy.” Dr. Handley understood that as a nurse, Jane was a caretaker and always put others ahead of herself. His persistence made Jane realize how important physical therapy would be to her recovery.

Physical Therapy:
Pablo was superb and he explained the evaluation very well. “The impressive part was the education of the exercises and why certain exercises help certain parts.  He discussed why it was important to work the area aggressively.  I improved very quickly and I attribute that to all the encouragement from the entire team.  I had no toe movement at first and three weeks later, I had full movement.”

Following her procedure, Jane had six weeks to recover, rest and soul search on what life was calling her to do next. “This down time was important for me because prior to going into to the surgery, my life was difficult. Work was extremely hectic, and personally, I had just lost my father and was dealing with the sale of his house.  It was a stressful and hard time.”

“I am happy to report that I decided to hang up my nursing hat for a while and move over to private duty senior/elder care part-time.  Also, mostly I am excited to spend more time with my daughter and help her with her business called The Short Giraffe, Mini Confections and Catering in Sarasota Florida.  Now, that I am pain free and mobile I am excited to have this new adventure.”

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