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Not All Heroes Wear Capes 21st Century Oncology Thanks Frontline Workers

Not All Heroes Wear Capes 21st Century Oncology21st Century Oncology would like to personally thank everyone on the frontline for their efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. The doctors, first responders, nurses, therapists, custodial workers, medical insurance processors, cashiers, food delivers, truck drivers, chefs, volunteers, mail deliverers, military, and all other people in our local community and across the borders of our states, you are respected and honored as the real heroes that deserve to be recognized!

Putting oneself in the middle of a high-risk contagion such as the novel coronavirus is admirable, to say to the least. It’s brave individuals like you that make our country strong and proud. Caring for others—there is no higher calling.

21st Century Onclology Remains Open
While Maintaining Safety Protocols at the Highest Level
Ongoing treatment for cancer is critical for patients. Because of this, the physicians and team members at 21st Century Oncology are continuing to keep radiation centers and all of their clinics open to deliver the highest quality of care for their patients. 21st Century Oncology is taking extensive precautions to protect their teams and their patients in each office through meticulous cleaning and limited access according to government

As an alternative to in-person office visits, they are offering telemedicine where clinically appropriate to ensure your interaction with your physician for key services is not interrupted during this time.

If you need a telemedicine appointment or would like more information, please contact your local office or visit

Cancer Screenings and Treatment are Essential
Additionally, cancer screening is just as important as it’s ever been. If you have any new symptoms or are due for skin, breast, colon, lung, prostate, or any other cancer detection test, do not put it off—waiting is not an option. Although cancers can be treated at almost any stage, certain cancers grow and proliferate rapidly, and with any disease, it’s best to get diagnosed in the early stages. This allows the 21st Century Oncology team to treat you with optimal results. Again if you have any new symptoms, it’s critical to get a proper evaluation and referral for imaging or other tests for screening and diagnosis.

For the past several weeks, we’ve all been practicing social distancing and rigorous hygiene. On April 3rd, Governor DeSantis issued a “stay at home” order and set standards for essential services, including medical treatment. Oncology is considered essential. If you have cancer, your ongoing care is critical, and you can rest assured that 21st Century Oncology has implemented stringent protocols to keep you and their staff safe. It’s of their utmost importance to provide continuity of care without compromising the health and safety of their patients and medical staff.

21st Century Oncology
21st Century Oncology is the premier provider of cancer care services across multiple modalities, the largest radiation oncology provider and has one of the largest groups of urologists in the U.S. For more than 30 years, 21st Century Oncology has been committed to providing state-of-the-art, academic quality radiation therapy and other cancer treatments in a patient-centric setting focused on continuous innovation.

Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, the physician-centric company operates 123 radiation oncology treatment centers and 170 clinical offices in 15 states.

21st Century Oncology employs or is affiliated with nearly 900 physicians globally, including:
• Breast Surgeons
• Colorectal Surgeons
• Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists
• General Surgeons
• Gynecologic Oncologists
• Head and Neck Surgeons
• Medical Oncologists
• Pathologists
• Pulmonologists
• Radiation Oncologists
• Radiologists
• Surgical Oncologists
• Urologists

21st Century Oncology works together to deliver the most advanced integrated cancer care.

Thank you again to the brave frontline workers. 21st Century Oncology joins you in support and loyalty to patients with COVID-19, the communities, and those that are treated and served during this pandemic.

21st Century Oncology
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