Non-invasive treatment FOR CHRONIC PAIN

Non-invasive treatment FOR CHRONIC PAINRegenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine is a growing field of interest because it gives real results that patients can see and feel! It is a proven approach to enhancing your overall health and will greatly eliminate most painful joint and soft tissue disorders.

Sounds impressive but confusing, right? Well in lay­man’s terms it means our bodies were designed to heal themselves! Makes sense … you cut yourself, it heals.

Imagine if pain medication was no longer needed. Imagine if the need for a surgical procedure was pro­longed or no longer necessary. Through new technol­ogies in regenerative medicine, there are now treat­ments available that may enhance your own body’s natural ability to heal.

Regenerative medicine is used for the management of pain, sports injuries, to expedite the healing from surgery, hair loss, sexual health and even to combat the signs of aging.

The regenerative medicine healing process replaces, creates and regenerates human cells and tissues to maintain- normal function, meaning these treatments kickstart the body’s ability to build diminished tissue, improve damaged tissue and restore function that has otherwise deteriorated. When injured or invaded by disease, our bodies have the innate response to heal and defend. Harnessing and enhancing the body’s own healing powers with the utilization of regenerative medicine is the new frontier of medi­cine, with results that may be miraculous.

Aesthetics – nonsurgical facelift
When you think of lifting and sculpting the face, does your mind immediately conjure up notions of incisions and sutures via plastic surgery? The truth is, face lifts are not as popular as they used to be, and that’s mostly due to the viable alternative options that are readily available.

We can do so many things that are much less invasive and more cost effective that will give us those augmented results that make us look younger and can help to restore our confidence level.

What are facial fillers?
Cheek fillers are injections that raise the volume of the area above and around your cheekbones. This provides the illusion of a more defined bone structure. By injecting volume under your skin layer, cheek fillers can also smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

How long they last
Depending on the type that you choose, cheek fillers can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before results are no longer noticeable. The dermal filler material eventually dissolves and metabolizes into your skin tissue.

Botox is an FDA approved drug that relaxes the muscles of expression in the face. In small doses, it creates a more youthful look as the wrinkles disappear. Botox is not a poison, it acts only as a modulator of the neurotransmitters in our brain that contract muscles, it is derived from harmless modified bacteria in USA labs. Botox has been a trusted medication for over 30 years. Tiny painless micro injections are skillfully placed and the results are seen in about 7 days. We have been utilizing this therapy for the last 20 years with thousands of happy patients. Call for a free consult.

Peripheral Neuropathy
Peripheral neuropathy primarily affects the hands, legs and feet. Endocrine disorders, especially diabetes play a large role in peripheral neuropathy, as do obesity, infections, alcohol, cancer treatment, and vascular disorders.

Rather than mask the pain while the condition gets worse, our clinic uses a specific type of Laser Light Therapy, which is now FDA Approved for treatment for neuropathy. It is a more natural, non-invasive, painless and effective therapy. Instead of covering up the symptoms with harmful drugs that can lead to dangerous site effects, this cutting-edge approach focuses on healing the damaged nerve endings.

Laser Light Therapy will work to stimulate the body’s tissues at the cellular level. The red and near-infrared light energy will penetrate the skin, and the mitochondria within the body’s cells will absorb it. This light absorption energizes the mitochondria and speeds up the healing process of the damaged nerves and the tissues surrounding them. Laser Light Therapy also increases the oxygenation of injured tissue as well as increases cellular function.

Spot Fat Reduction
Our clinic has treated more than 100 satisfied patients for spot fat reduction for over 3 years. A cutting-edge new Light Therapy made in the United States is the first machine of its kind with a new microchip technology that is the latest and most advanced method for immediate fat loss. You no longer have to wait for results to show up months from your procedure; with the Laser Light Therapy you may see up to two or more inches of fat loss with the first treatment. An alternative to invasive liposuction, the Laser Light Therapy is in the forefront of the aesthetics industry for one simple reason—It Works!

By using red and near-infrared light therapy, the treatment penetrates the layers of the dermis and is absorbed directly by the fat cells. It immediately shrinks the fat cells down in a rapid rate, and the excess fat is distributed into the bloodstream and metabolized by the body’s natural detox system and eliminated as waste.

Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Joint Pain
With Shockwave Therapy, there are no side effects from the treatment. More importantly, it is completely painless, and non-invasive as well. Patients can resume their normal activities, including sexual activity following each treatment session. Shockwave Therapy offers regenerative treatment and on average, patients will start noticing results after the third or fourth treatment.

How Shockwave works. The Shockwave procedure breaks up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. This process, called neurogenesis, increases blood flow.

Shockwave Therapy is also FDA approved for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis.

Chiropractic Treatment
The Activator Method Chiropractic

Technique is a gentle, low-force approach to chiropractic care. Used safely on patients of all ages since the late 1960s, it brings relief for a variety of health concerns.

Because of its effectiveness and gentle nature, the Activator Method has grown to become the world’s most widely used instrument adjusting technique.

How does the Activator Method work?
Restoring spinal balance safely and successfully has been the driving force behind the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique.

Your Doctor uses specific protocols to detect spinal joint dysfunction, analyze leg length inequality, identify issues with body mechanics and test neurological reflexes. By evaluating the results, an Activator doctor can initiate the process of restoring spinal balance in the patient.

The unique hand-held Activator instruments have been studied extensively with results published in hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers, and was designed to give patients a specific and gentle adjustment.

Is the Activator Method right for you?
Patients of all ages can enjoy the benef,ts of an Activator adjustment. The technique is especially helpful for children who sometimes have trouble lying still. The Activator adjustment is so quick and comfortable, children often look forward to their next visit!

The Activator Method is an especially good choice for older patients, or those with arthritis, osteoporosis or other bone­weakening conditions. The lowforce thrust of the Activator Adjusting Instrument, along with the doctor’s ability to pinpoint the exact location of the problem can relieve a patient’s pain without added discomfort.

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