No Insurance Surgery Now Offered in Ft Myers, Florida General and Gynecological Surgery – U First Surgical Center

There is a surgical center in Fort Myers that is catering to the uninsured or those with very high deductibles. Dr. Anne Lord-Tomas and Dr. Robert Tomas are two surgeons that have opened a state licensed, AAAASF Certified office-based surgical center in order to perform general and gynecological surgery for the community. In this age of a downturn economy and rising unemployment there are more people that are seeking medical care as an uninsured patient. A sub-category of this would be those with health savings accounts or the like having extremely high deductibles, placing them in a similar self-pay category. The two doctors opened U First Surgical Center with this in mind because they see medical costs spiraling upward and felt that by opening a smaller surgical facility and sharing the overhead, they could reduce the fees. Dr Robert Tomas, who is a board certified general surgeon, performs a majority of No Mesh hernia surgeries in the surgical center for patients all over the United States. The patients fly in for their consultation, which is free if their surgeries are performed in the center. This can be done either well in advance or within 1-2 days prior to the surgery, the scheduling choice of the patient typically. Once they are evaluated, they undergo tests including blood work and EKG. A more extensive workup is done if the patient is over the age of 45 or if certain medical conditions require it. Some of these decisions for candidacy and intended tests are made during a “pre-op phone call” between the patient and the physician/anesthesia provider. The concept is one price surgery in order to avoid all the hidden fees that are at other centers. For example, the inguinal or umbilical hernia surgery, individually, is a flat fee and this includes the facility fee, anesthesia and surgeon fee. The consultation, blood work and EKG are included in this price. Dr Robert Tomas also performs small ventral hernia repairs and removal of all types of soft tissue masses on the body for one flat fee. Prices vary for each different location and size. All anesthesia provided during surgeries is intravenous sedation with local and the patients go home the same day. Patients must have an accompanying person to drive them to and from the facility. Alternatively, U First Surgical Center also has a special price at a local hotel for only $79/night with shuttle service to and from the airport and to and from the surgical center on the day of surgery. Dr. Tomas commented “ we want to focus on convenience for the patient, especially if they are flying/driving in from out of town or state.”

Dr. Anne Lord Tomas is a board certified gynecologist and performs all her gynecological procedures under intravenous sedation. Typically patients are discharged from the facility within an hour of their procedure. Her procedures include labial/vaginal rejuvenation, hysteroscopy (diagnostic and operative), endometrial ablation “Her Option”, excision of Bartholin’s cysts (involving the vulvo-vaginal area), dilation and curettage (D&C) and even minimally-invasive sterilizations using Essure.

Endometrial ablations are very effective for women who have irregular bleeding, once other disease has been ruled-out. This procedure involves using cryotherapy or freezing the inner lining of the uterus and can help a woman avoid a hysterectomy. The patient is awake for the procedure and can take a Valium for their relaxation. The Essure technique places coils within the fallopian tubes and can be done safely under intravenous sedation for patient comfort. This technique avoids a woman from undergoing a tubal ligation in the hospital. It is the only sterilization technique requiring a conformational test a couple months after so that “you’re sure”.  Elective procedures such as Vaginal and/or Labial Rejuvenation, done for both aesthetic and functional reasons, are offered here as well. .  The environment is safe, private and state of the art – an optimal setting for these types of elective feminine procedures.  Many of the gynecological surgeries are done on Fridays, allowing a woman to rest over the weekend and likely return to full activities on Monday. All of these surgeries have the same inclusive pricing for the patient’s convenience. Dr. Lord Tomas has been practicing gynecology for over ten years. She is even fluent in Spanish, as is Dr. Robert.  Financing options are available for both of the surgeons via Care Credit or, if applicable.

Medicine is beginning to change and U First Health in Ft Myers, Florida is ahead of the curve. This smaller scale but cutting-edge facility offers the best of both worlds to potential patients. Safety-Efficiency-Privacy-Affordability, all yours when making your surgical choices in Ft. Myers at U First Surgical Center.

With so many questions in the new healthcare rules, patients without insurance, or with exceedingly high deductibles/catastrophic plans, can now seek medical care at an affordable price without compromising efficacy and quality.

You can contact U First Surgical Center / U First Health at 239-243-8222 or 1-877-ufirsthealth. Please visit their website at for more information on these procedures and the practice in general.

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