NIKKEN – What’s really on our dinner plates?

By Fay Lynne Huang –

NIKKEN - What's really on our dinner platesStudies show that many of the fruits and vegetables we eat today have a significantly lower nutritional value than the same produce grown just 25 years ago. Soil depletion, commercial farming methods and premature harvesting are key factors in this decline — and our busy, on-the-go lifestyles, supported by regular doses of fast food, also contribute to poor nutrition.

Even if we try to practice healthy eating and keep up our intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, we may not be getting the nutrients we need.

More and more Americans are becoming aware of this fact, and are taking their health and their nutrition into their own hands. Today, nearly three out of five consumers purchase dietary supplements. They’re seeking the nutrients that are vitally important for staying healthy — ingredients that contribute to fitness, youthful energy, good health maintenance and help in fending off the advance of aging. People want healthier food options, and to rely on a source they can trust, like Nikken — an authority in whole-foods nutrition.

Nikken Kenzen Wellness® relies on organic fruits and veggies harvested at the peak of the nutritional cycle, to provide the supplemental nutrients our bodies need for optimum wellness.

Good nutrition is an essential part of a
healthy and enjoyable life.
Nikken created Kenzen Wellness® to help take the guesswork out of nutrition and to make integrating good nutrition into your lifestyle a joyful experience. Kenzen is a Japanese word that combines “wholesome” with “wellness.” Based on a whole foods philosophy, Nikken Kenzen Wellness® provides the kind of natural nutrition your body was meant to live and thrive on.

A system to fit your nutritional profile
Kenzen Wellness® offers nutrition that everyone needs. But it’s also a system that you can use to address your individual nutritional concerns. Instead of choosing from a confusing array of products, we’ve made it simple to start with a basic program that fits with your nutritional profile. Need to manage your weight? Begin with Kenzen® Vital Balance™. For other requirements — gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, immune, skeletal — you’ll find targeted supplements that provide support in each of these areas.

Nikken Kenzen Wellness® combines East and West, nature’s wisdom and modern technology, to provide a simple yet comprehensive system of balanced nutrition — for life.

Fay Lynne Huang, President
Focused On Wellness

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