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Go on a diet, Sounds easy but it is not, as to which we can all attest. The best and quickest is to combine both a reduction of calories and to increase our physical activity. What are the most effective types of diets to consider? Two very popular diets are the Mediterranean diet, and the no-carb diet called the Atkins diet.

The Atkins Diet
On the Atkins diet, the first few days, little to no carbs are allowed, but after a few days, some vegetables are added, but only vegetables with very low carbs. There is a limited number of carbs that you can consume. You cannot consume more carbs than the diet allows, in order to keep the body burning fat for energy, rather than the carbs from food. To help shorten this article and give you information on this diet, we have enclosed the following links for you to read
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The Atkin’s diet works and may provide the fastest weight loss over any other diet, but there are pros and cons with most diets. Some people may have difficulty staying on the diet because it may eliminate your most favorable foods. Benefits from the Atkins diet are that after the first 24 to 36 hours of the diet, most people’s appetite seems to decrease, and that urge to eat subsides. On all diets, drinking lots of water is recommended. If you select the Atkins diet and you have any medical issues, you may want to check with your doctor first. Cutting out almost all carbs forces your body into Ketosis, which forces the body to call upon fat cells for energy instead of the carbs from food. Early phase side effects of drastically cutting carbs from your diet can cause headaches, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and constipation, according to Not all or any of these symptoms may occur. Usually, many or all symptoms quickly decrease as the diet progresses.

A very viable option is to go on the Atkins diet to lose weight, and when you achieve your desired weight loss, start on a Mediterranean eating program.

The Mediterranean Diet
For the healthiest diet, I would recommend the Mediterranean, which includes a variety of vegetables, some fats, and protein. This diet is a slower weight loss program, and your appetite and desire to eat might be a constant fight. Carbs tend to activate our appetite. One benefit of the Mediterranean diet is that it can be looked as a permanent lifestyle change in your eating habits. Once you achieve your desired weight, you can raise your food consumption to the level that maintains your desired weight.

Besides Diet, can Technology Help?
Yes, recent breakthroughs can help by reducing the number of fat cells that our body has available to store fat. Less fat cells, in certain areas, allows us to have a better-looking body. For most people, we seem to gain weight most often in the stomach and flanks, or more commonly called, the love handles. Those areas of the body usually have the most significant amount of fat cells. The two procedures that destroy fat cells and are none invasive, which are FDA approved, are fat freezing and radiofrequency fat heating. Fat is susceptible to temperature changes from normal body temperature. Either cooling the fat or heating it to predetermined differential temperatures from our normal body temperature will destroy the fat cell wall, causing the fat cell to be eliminated by the body over time. Many treatment centers offer either fat freezing or fat heating. We have decided to offer both at our medical spa, and in many cases, we set up a treatment plan to incorporate both. They can compliment each other with amazing results.

Liposuction has been around for a long time and provides instant results in the war against fat cell elimination. The disadvantage is high cost, pain post-surgery, complications from surgery that can occur, and downtime after surgery.

Sadly, we have seen so many claims in the magazines, tv, radio, etc., that make claims about instant weight loss, lose inches immediately after treatment. There are no magic pills, no magical machines, that will immediately cause massive waistline reductions and fat cell destruction.

Liposuction is the only way to see immediate results, but side effects come along with surgery. We believe that diet, exercise, healthy lifestyles must work together with personal effort, determination, and the use of new technologies that remove fat cells safely with little side effects that can help create a better and healthier-looking you.

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