New Year’s Resolutions… make a plan!

By Rosemarie Hurley Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist –

New Year’s Resolutions… make a planThis is the time for making New Year’s resolutions. Be sure to include making a plan for Long-Term Care to protect your future.

Procrastination is a common human trait. And when you are talking about insurance can be not only costly but it can create a situation of uninsurabililty. It is always better to act on something like this as soon as you can. Health circumstances can change overnight making it impossible to act after the fact.

I will share with you a personal circumstance that may help you to avoid a mistake. My husband, a very fit and strong man, recently visited the doctor for his routine annual checkup. He had no symptoms of any kind. Much to our shock, one of the tests he had found a tumor in his heart. There is much more to the story that followed, but I will tell you that he has had a very involved, successful surgery and will be fine. He has a regime on therapy and needs time to build strength, and because of his fitness will do heal much quicker than most.

Fortunately we had purchased life insurance and long-term care insurance many years ago so there was no problem with qualifying for it. But if we hadn’t taken action, I can assure you he would NOT be insurable now… least for quite a while. Every year older, means more premium dollars…not a good scenario.

The adage, “Never put off tomorrow what you can do today”, is true for many things….particularly finances and insurance. Planning ahead takes advantage of your good health and younger age, and will save you money.

If you must procrastinate, and we all do, keep in mind that we should choose less important things to put off. Choose things that do not impact your life significantly. Important items should never be out off until tomorrow. They have the ability to re-direct your life in ways you may not have thought about. Insurance purchases like Long-Term Care insurance are too important to postpone.

Happy New Year to you all. Plan ahead and be prepared. You will never regret it.

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