New Primary Care Physician offers patient-centered approach

Primary Care PhysicianBuilding a relationship with a primary care physician (PCP) can help you prevent illness and disease, manage chronic conditions and maintain your desired quality of life. So, it’s important to choose a PCP who shares this philosophy.

The newest PCP at Physicians Regional Medical Group is one such doctor. Board certified Internal Medicine physician Michael Ianniello, D.O., approaches patient care holistically, by focusing on treating the patient as a whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

“Empathy and a caring heart are qualities any physician should aspire to,” he says. “After that, I focus on three main points with my patients: prevention; education; and treatment.”

Disease prevention is the number one goal, he says. Many chronic conditions are preventable, and may be avoided with lifestyle modifications and possibly low-dose prophylactic medications, he explains. And of course, educating patients about their own role in staying healthy is critical.

“Education not only helps patients prevent illness but also is an important part of treatment,” he says. “I do my best to provide my patients with as much information and resources as I can so that they can understand their illness and how it is being treated.”

Dr. Ianniello also says it’s important to remember that medications and procedures often do not work the same for every patient. “That’s why I work to tailor individual treatments specific to each patient.”

As a primary care physician, Dr. Ianniello specializes in general medicine for men and women age 18 and older, including geriatric patients. In addition to supporting routine health maintenance, Dr. Ianniello specializes in cholesterol management and commonly deals with musculoskeletal complaints (such as back, neck and joint pain). He also offers more specialized techniques, such as lymphatic drainage, which can assist in the healing process for infectious diseases and other conditions.

Dr. Ianniello grew up in the South Miami-Dade area, and he professed his desire to be a doctor at age 5. He completed medical training at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Fascinated at a young age by exercise physiology and human anatomy, Dr. Ianniello has a background in competitive bodybuilding.

When he is not helping patients live a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Ianniello enjoys doing things outside of the office. “I enjoy working out, but my #1 hobby is fishing. I am also very involved in my faith and attend church every weekend. I am a devout Catholic and am part of the Knights of Columbus.”

You can find Dr. Ianniello at Physicians Regional Medical Group – Bonita Springs,  24231 Walden Center Drive.
Or, you can see him from the comfort of home via telehealth. Request an appointment at (239) 348-4221 or

Ask about same-day appointments.


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