Natural Vitamins & Supplements Fill Diet Deficiencies to Help Reduce Stress

Natural Vitamins Whenever a person does not get enough of essential nutrients from their daily diet, they are at risk for developing a dietary deficiency. Most dietary deficiencies are caused by a lack of vitamins or minerals. Generally speaking, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are due to diets that lack some of the nutrients found in fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as milk, cheese, or eggs. In some cases, genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, or illnesses that prevent the body from digesting or absorbing particular nutrients will cause the deficiencies.

When the food on the plate falls short and doesn’t include essential nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin D, some of the nutrients many Americans don’t get enough of, a supplement can help take up the nutritional slack. Vitamin and mineral supplements can help prevent deficiencies that can contribute to many health conditions, including stress.

Numerous studies have shown the health benefits and effectiveness of supplementing missing nutrients in the diet.

Diet deficiencies are the reason more and more people are using supplements to help them get some relief from stress and anxiety, especially during the holiday season. Modern living has made it difficult to avoid stress.

Even for those that don’t usually fall victim to stress, it’s likely that they will experience some form of nutrient insufficiency, leading to stress or other conditions, during the holidays and seasonal rush.

This is a list of supplements that can compensate for insufficiencies and protect your body by helping reduce stress.

Melatonin is a natural hormone found in the body, and it is primarily associated with regulation of the sleep/wake cycle. When stressors begin taking a toll on the body, this hormone’s production can be altered in a significant way, making it incredibly hard for a person to get a restful night of sleep. In some cases, altered melatonin production can keep a person from falling asleep at all. In this case, melatonin should be restored in the body to continue a normal cycle of rest. This can be achieved with melatonin supplements.

Vitamin B-complex
The vitamin B complex is a group of 8 different vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12), and they are essential for keeping many of the biological processes in the body running smoothly. Specifically, the B1, B5, and B6 vitamins all have a hand in keeping stress levels neutral and under control. The vitamin B complex comes packed with a slew of health advantages, so it’s likely that other additional health benefits will be noticed alongside the reduction in stress.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 3 fatty acids are popular for helping with lowering blood pressure levels and even battling rheumatoid arthritis. However, they are also becoming more popular with those that seek help with their stress. Omega 3 fatty acids do a wonderful job of keeping cortisol levels and other hormones under control, and they are also useful for regulating adrenaline.

Vitamin C
When the body is exposed to significant amounts of stress, it releases the hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is directly linked to the release of insulin, immune processes, and other pertinent bodily functions. When there is an over-saturation of cortisol in the body, muscle tissue can decrease in mass, cognitive processes are hindered, and other important bodily processes take a toll. According to,

studies suggest that healthy vitamin C supplementation can neutralize the amount of cortisol being produced by the body.

Vitamin E
Because stress is hard on the body, it’s likely that a person’s immune system and physical muscle mass will take a hit when they’re dealing with a lot at one time. Many people, in this case, turn to vitamin E to help keep their immune systems and muscle structures in tact and functioning properly during periods of high anxiety. Don’t forget that vitamin E also has a wide span of other medicinal benefits as well!

Lemon Balm
As people age, they become more vulnerable to conditions such as heart disease, obesity, insomnia, high blood pressure, and so on. All of these conditions are common symptoms and byproducts of high levels of stress. Lemon balm has been used for hundreds of years to treat these symptoms easily and effectively, and it is still one of the most popular options for stress reduction.

The number one recommended supplement for stress is valerian. Valerian is most useful for treating stress symptoms such as general restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia, all commonly felt during periods of high tension and stress. Scientists have speculated that valerian works by increasing the “GABA” (gamma aminobutyric acid) chemical in the brain. This chemical can ease nerves and produce a sense of calm when anxiety is high.

When beginning a supplement plan, it’s always a good idea to use only supplements that will fill the gaps in your diet and target the existing symptoms at hand. This prevents an oversaturation of nutrients that the body doesn’t already need.

If you have any questions about the vitamins and supplements mentioned above, stop by and talk with one of the helpful associates at Ada’s Market. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the best product for your specific needs.

*This information is not meant to diagnose or treat health conditions. As always, talk with your primary care physician before taking any supplements because some may interact with certain medications you are taking.

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