Move Over Running, Indoor Cycling is the Better Choice!

Indoor Cycling NaplesWorking out is the latest trend, as it should be. It improves endurance, and increases your muscle and bone health. For endurance, running and biking are generally known as the exercises of choice. These cardio workouts can decrease stress, and even prevent diseases. Lower blood pressure and immunity boosts have been found in people that vigorously work out, opposed to those who do not (MedLine Plus Exercise and Immunity). Running and biking provide similar dynamics of cardio. However, many argue biking is the better option. While running can be hard on your body, biking is a nonweight bearing activity (Tanaka, 2013).

How do you know biking is the better cardio exercise? With running come many injuries. Biking is gentler on your body. It is much better for your knees and joints. There have been conflicting ideals on if running damages ones joints through time. This is a true statement (Tanaka, 2013). People who already have joint pain will agree, telling you that running is often an impossible task. The dents and dips in the road can cause more than just aches and pains. Fortunately, biking is a way around the frustration of having bad joints.

When deciding you want to go biking all you need is a bike, some motivation, and a bike friendly route. However, with the weather or the location where you live, outdoor biking can be difficult.

Perhaps there are no bike lanes or the streets are too busy. Stationary bikes have been around for many years, and are making a serious comeback. They give the benefit of biking, but without the twisting or jerking of the knees. There is never any serious risk of injury, and they can be used at any time, rain or shine. Stationary bikes can provide the intensity and cardio of a long run or bike ride from a comfortable stable environment.

There are fewer excuses to avoid the workout your body needs when a stationary bike is just around the corner. It is time to stop making justifications for why you cannot work out. Your answer lies right here in Naples. Time Trial Cycle offers you results driven indoor cycling. This top of the line indoor cycling studio has stationary bikes that can track your RPM (Revolution Per Minute), heart rate, and calories burned. This is not just your typical bike in the gym. These instructors understand your individual limitations and experience. Call (239) 249-6764, or visit their website at to reserve your bike today!

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