Most Accidents Are Caused by Distraction, Which Leads to Countless Health Injuries

By Dr. Alejandro Blanco

Accident DoctorIf You’re in an Accident There Are Critical Steps You Must Take!

Even the most experienced driver can become distracted or have an increased need to be overly reactive due to circumstantial events.

If you have faulty brakes or are startled by a car in your blind spot, swerve while looking at a text message, or are yelling at your kids in the back seat, you are a less responsive driver. Every time any driver enters the roadway, they must be aware of their surroundings, as well as use cautious discretion regarding the other automobile drivers around them.

In the United States, each year over 300,000 accidents are caused by texting while driving. Texting causes one out of every four vehicular accidents. In our country, the number one cause of death for teens is texting and driving automobile accidents.

Distracted Drivers are the leading cause of accidents. Whether someone is texting, eating, yelling at their kids, daydreaming, or changing the radio station, the one second that it takes to remove your eyes from the road, or hands from the wheel are the most perilous. If you are driving at a speed of 55 mph and you take your eyes off the road for 5 seconds, you will travel a distance of 120 yards, which is the length of an entire football field. The small distraction could be the difference between life and death, or serious injury occurring to either the driver or the victims in their pathway.

If you’re in an accident, You must seek medical care in a timely manner.
Accident victims have only 14 days from the time of an accident to see a doctor if you want insurance to cover your medical fees. Internal Medicine Partners of Naples can help walk you through the process and get you a detailed report of your medical condition.

Common Injuries After Motor Vehicle Accidents
Car accidents can cause a variety of serious personal injuries and even death. Most people hurt in a car crash suffer impact injuries, from slamming around inside the vehicle upon collision. Some are even injured by being hit by unsecured articles & cargo that become airborne in a crash.

After most minor accidents, you might feel fine, but these symptoms should not be ignored:
• Headaches
• TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
• Lethargy
• Back Pain
• Neck Pain
• Broken Bones
• Numbness
• Dizziness
• Cervicalgia

Essential Steps to Take
• Get medical attention
• Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney
• Keep a record of your injuries
• Write down and date any new symptoms (radiating pain, sleep disturbances, hearing loss)
• Update your physician in writing with every new symptom that you endure

If you’ve been in an accident, getting medical treatment is crucial

Even if you don’t have symptoms, getting a thorough diagnosis via physical examination, diagnostic testing and imaging, medical treatment and follow up are all critical to your wellbeing, and essential if you plan on pursuing legal damages.

Whether you show symptoms of injury or not, it’s imperative to have a check-up to rule out possible long-term effects.

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