Men! Looking for a new work out?

By Justin Lee –

Looking for a new work outSome recent hot trends for losing weight and staying in shape are Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates. While these are all great workouts, they are mainly catered to a female demographic. Men are generally apprehensive about putting on a pair of yoga pants and contorting their body to the new Justin Timberlake song. Women tend to be more inclined to show up for a dance class or yoga session. If you ask a man about working out, he will probably talk to you about “hitting the gym” to lift weights. After a while, though, the thought of going to the gym can become a bit routine and boring. Gentlemen everywhere might want to take a look at Indoor Cycling as an alternative exercise.

Why Indoor Cycling? This workout will transform you into a fat burning machine, that’s why! It is effective for both sexes no matter your body shape or size. Cycling has recently become more popular, because of its amazing before and after results. This exercise brings us back to the basics, proving that “a body in motion tends to stay in motion”.

Riding a bike will build up and strengthen the largest, most important muscles in your body. When riding the indoor bike, you will be working out your hamstrings, quads, and even gluts (providing you with a “behind” you’ll be proud of). Building all of this lean muscle tissue helps increase your body’s fat-burning capability. Cycling does not only help muscles burn fat, but it trains them to continue to do so even after you have finished riding. Biking with long continuous strides feeds more oxygen infused blood to your muscles. The more training that is done on the bike, the more drastic increase in the amount of your fat-carrying enzymes. With more of these enzymes working in your body, the better equipped it is to place fatty acids into your muscles; where they are burned away.

Most are surprised to hear that there are calories still being burned even after a workout has been completed. This is called the basal metabolic rate.  This can be a mouthful to say, which is why most refer to it as your BMR. BMR is the rate of energy that is spent when resting; in simple terms, it determines the amount of calories that are burned while sitting down or even sleeping. There have been studies that show cycling for just 30 minutes every other day will enhance your BMR enough to keep the calories burning throughout the day.

For many, running comes to mind when they think about serious fat burning. Running does burn calories; however, it is also notorious for causing damage to your joints. What is generally not known is that cycling burns between 500 to 600 calories per hour compared with 300 to 500 calories from running. Want to help your joints, strengthen your muscles, and burn away that unwanted fat? Cycling may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

If you have any questions about cycling, you can call Time Trial Cycle at (239) 249-6765. They are located at 3080 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103. Or simply go to their website,, to learn more.

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