“Medical Breakthrough Is Changing Lives of Those Suffering From Back Pain…Without Drugs or Surgery!”

After helping hundreds of area herniated disc sufferers eliminate their pain, local healthcare center explains
“Medical Breakthrough Is Changing Lives of Those Suffering From Back Pain…Without Drugs or Surgery!”
And The Best Part Is It’s Covered By Most Insurance Including Medicare!

Medical Breakthrough Is Changing Lives of Those Suffering From Back Pain...Without Drugs or SurgeryThere are precious few medical breakthroughs so amazing that they very literally change the established course of an entire field of medicine. But just as LASIK surgery revolutionized optometry, and gastric bypass revolutionized bariatric medicine, there is a procedure called Vax-D Therapy that is revolutionizing the field of spinal care. Vax-D Therapy is quite possibly the most significant medical breakthrough in the field of spinal care; ever. You might be asking yourself how something you have never probably heard of can be such a major breakthrough, but I assure you it is; let us explain.

But before we discuss Vax-D Therapy further let’s consider the condition it treats, back pain.

  • Back pain is the leading cause of physical disability in the United States.
  • Experts estimate that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime.
  • At any given moment over 50 million Americans suffer from back pain.
  • Back pain accounts for 550 million sick days a year.
  • Beck pain is the second leading reason for emergency room visits, pregnancy is first.

Back pain has already reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Research into the care of back pain garners countless amounts of time, energy, and money from the government and medical community and has proven largely ineffective in establishing a successful treatment, let alone a viable cure. Until the advent of Vax-D Therapy the treatment options for back pain sufferers was largely limited to:

Drugs – When physical therapy does not provide pain relief many seek help from the field of pharmacology in hopes that a “magic pill” might provide relief. Many over the counter and prescription drugs have been proven to reduce pain and lessen inflammation in back pain sufferers. Unfortunately these results are often only temporary because the drug is treating the symptoms and not the actual root cause of the pain. In addition to this, many drugs used to treat back pain have severe side effects such as kidney failure, stomach ulceration, liver toxicity, and risk of addiction. Also, many of these drugs should not be taken if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or osteoporosis. If you are using drugs to control your back pain and would prefer a more permanent, natural solution, you may be a candidate for Vax-D Therapy.

Surgery – When less invasive alternatives fail many are told surgery is their only option. Common spinal surgeries can cost tens of thousands of dollars and have not fielded very positive outcomes. There is research stating that as little as 14% of back surgeries are actually effective in significantly reducing pain. Additionally The New England Journal of Medicine reported that 51% of all back surgery is unnecessary. If you are scheduled for back surgery, or worse, have had back surgery that was unsuccessful, you may be a candidate for Vax-D Therapy.

Now that we have considered the magnitude of back pain, as well as common available treatments, it makes more sense that a true medical breakthrough exists. But before we discuss this medical breakthrough let’s consider one last factor important to most that are suffering from back pain; cost.

The Journal of American Medical Association reports that US back pain sufferers spend $85.9 billion dollars a year on the treatment and care of their back pain and related symptoms! Additionally, JAMA reports that the average American suffering from back pain spends $6,096 dollars a year out of pocket on the treatment and care of that pain!

Now what would you say if we told you Vax-D Therapy was available for little to no cost? There are local Physicians Rehabilitation canters, that like you, are fed up with the high costs and low success rates associated with the traditional treatment options for back pain. Physicians Rehabilitation has been treating people for neck and back pain right here in the Ft. Myers and Naples area for years, but until recently even they could not help some of the most severe chronic back pain cases that they saw. The multidiscipline specialists allow you to receive full, comprehensive treatment all at the convenience of one facility. But the most difficult chronic pain cases were sometimes even out of reach, that’s why we had to find a solution. After years of research and careful consideration, Physicians Rehabilitation Centers decided to invest a small fortune into the purchase of a device called Vax-D.

Vax-D stands for Vertebral Axial Decompression and has helped hundreds of facilities around the world successfully reduce, and even permanently eliminate the chronic back pain that is experienced by so many. You may be asking yourself, “What is Vax-D Therapy, how does it work, and how come I haven’t heard of it before?” Well, let us tell you.

Vax-D Therapy is a gentle, painless, and safe non-surgical alternative for the treatment and relief of neck and back pain. Vax-D Therapy works by lying down on a table that you are harnessed to, then gently pulls your upper and lower body apart relieving the pressure on the discs and vertebrae of the spine. This therapy gently decompresses the spine, reversing the negative effects that disease, injury, and even gravity may have caused over time. “But doesn’t that hurt?” No, not at all. In fact, it is so comfortable and painless that most patients fall asleep right on the table. “Wait, I’ve heard of this, isn’t this called traction?” No, Vax-D Therapy is not traction. Traction hes been around for many decades and has not been medically proven to treat back pain, in fact in many instances traction has been reported to increase back pain! This is because traction pulls on the body in a linear and constant fashion causing the muscles of the back to go into spasm, a natural reflex designed to alert you that further injury may occur. Vax-D is different because it uses an advanced computer system and biofeedback loop to apply exact amounts of distraction, at exact angles, intermittently, something that is technically called a logarithmic curve. This logarithmic curve outsmarts the muscles in your neck and back tricking them into relaxing while the therapy is applied allowing your body to heal naturally and painlessly.

Physicians Rehabilitation would like to share this medical breakthrough with the community they have loved for so many years, and show you just how Vax-D works, and how it can help you at no out of pocket cost. For a limited time, Physicians Rehabilitation is going to accept candidates for this therapy and allow them to participate in a risk-free consultation to determine if Vax-D is right for them.

But there is a catch, even though this technology has helped so many patients, it is not a wonder cure and cannot help everyone. For this reason, Physicians Rehabilitation professional staff members perform a thorough consultation with all potential patients for this procedure to determine if they are candidates, and also because they only accept those who they truly believe they can help.

Because health care is so expensive, over 50 million Americans are uninsured, and the economy is so bad Physicians Rehabilitation would like to take this opportunity to give back. For a limited time, the first 17 patients that are accepted as candidates for this procedure will receive a free trial of Vax-D therapy. There are no hidden fees, no bait and switch tactics, and no cost to you what-so-ever for your first therapy session under this exclusive trial program. This will allow you an opportunity to experience this non-surgical, drug free medical breakthrough firsthand and see for yourself if this therapy will work for you before you risk one red cent of your hard earned money.

That’s why if you suffer from back pain related to a herniated or bulging disc, sciatica, stenosis, facet arthrosis, or simply have not been able to find long term relief from other treatments you need to pick up the phone and call (239)768-6396 right now! When we answer the phone, simply tell us you would like to receive your “Risk Free Consultation.” If you are one of the first 17 to call, we will schedule you for a consultation with our staff to determine your candidacy within the following days. If you are in severe pain, or scheduled for surgery, please tell us and we will do our best to schedule you with our staff as soon as possible, maybe even on the same day.

Your consultation should only take about 37 minutes. During this time you will have all of your questions answered in a warm and friendly environment. Physicians Rehabilitation staff will make sure you are informed of the exact cause of your pain and your best options for care, even if the best option for you is not Vax-D. When you see our staff you are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification for any term you nay not understand. We want you to stay informed of all options and variables so that you can make an active decision in your health care resulting in the best choice for YOU. We understand you’ve come to us to help eliminate your stress and anxiety, not to cause more.

Physicians Rehabilitation has limited the number of candidates that they are willing to accept for this exclusive no-cost consultation to 17 because we believe that every patient should experience the quality care and personal attention that they truly deserve. When you see us for your first session, I’m sure you will experience how unique and enjoyable this therapy can be. You will not be treated like a number, you will be treated like family and receive the personal attention and quality of care that everyone deserves. You will also be educated and will well informed of exactly what is causing your pain and what can be done about it to quickly and efficiently provide you with the relief you deserve. The decision to begin treatment is a crucial one, and as always is left you you, the patient, where it truly belongs. Never accept an ultimatum from a healthcare provider and remember that any good physician always offers a second opinion free of charge. If you or a loved one has been given an ultimatum by another doctor don’t worry you have options, feel free to call Physicians Rehabilitation any time at (239) 768-6396 and ask for your free second, or third, opinion.

“I have had back troubles since age 16. I have been treated by PTs, Chiropractor and medical doctors with minimal help and advised to have surgery with rods and screws. I have diabetes and was concerned. Wife saw Physicians Rehabilitation ad, so I made an appointment. They determined I could be helped, and after 5 or 6 treatments with the PT and the Vax-D I should be able to tell if it is helping and then decide to continue or terminate treatments. Iv’e been to PTs. Whole different style of treatment and it really works. So far my back feels the best that it has in years. Staff works with you during treatments and you begin to feel like family. Everyone is exceptional and I recommend this facility to anyone with back problems, especially before the thought of surgery.” – Thomas E, Ft. Myers

“Physicians Rehabilitation has a very professional staff that consistently treated me with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration. I came in with chronic low back pain, I leave in good health and no pain. Awesome!” Richard S, Ft Myers

“I have had pain in my lower back for several years. This is the first time I feel pain free.” Ronald A, Naples

Not only Thomas, Richard and Ronald, but so many of our patients thank us for helping them. Every day we experience the gratification of hearing great stories like these and the genuine appreciation that comes along with them. Offering this free trial is our way of saying “thank you” to those that have trusted us with their care, and to this great community that has supported Physicians Rehabilitation for so many years.

One last thing, ever since this medical breakthrough, the phones at Physicians Rehabilitation have been ringing off the hook. We added extra lines to accommodate the increase in traffic, but sometimes it is just too much to handle. For that reason if you call and the line is busy, or if you receive voice mail, keep calling back. The possibility of living pain free again and getting your life back is well worth the time and effort it might take to get a hold of us so that we can schedule your consultation and evaluation. Keep calling, help is only a phone call away…(239) 768-6396. While you are trying to reach us if you have a computer visit www.PhysicinasRehabilitation.com where you can learn more about Vax-D Therapy and read even more success stories from from people just like you!

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