Marsha’s Story How She Naturally Reduced Pain and Medications

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Naturally Reduced Pain and MedicationsAre you currently suffering from a painful condition and no matter what you try you can’t seem to find relief? Have you tried numerous unsuccessful treatments recommended by your doctors? Are you tired of taking medications that have serious side effects and aren’t even relieving the pain they were prescribed for? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading to learn how real people are using oxygen therapy, blood cell analysis, the ALCAT test, and proper supplements to significantly reduce symptoms they had been suffering with for many years.

Having tried nearly every alternative treatment for fibromyalgia symptoms that her orthopedic doctor had suggested over 18 years of treatment without finding relief, Marsha Newton was hesitant to put too much faith in his recommendation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Visit after visit, her doctor would mention how other patients are using oxygen therapy to finally get relief from conditions that have caused them pain for years.

“At first, I was apprehensive to try hyperbaric therapy because I didn’t know that much about it. My doctor was persistent and kept bringing it up and suggesting that I try it. I kept putting off scheduling a hyperbaric appointment, until the pain became so intense that instead of looking forward to each new day I dreaded getting out of bed because I knew that when I got up the pain would start.”

Marsha made her initial appointment with Wendy at YOLLO Wellness and hasn’t looked back since. “When I met Wendy and the YOLLO team, the first impressions I had were that they were very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. I must admit though, that even as wonderful as Wendy is and as great as the prospect of actually relieving my pain, I was still hesitant about trying the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I think part of my hesitation was because I didn’t know much about it and I naively thought it would be another disappointing unsuccessful treatment. I am happy to say that I was wrong!”

Positive Results after Only a Few Sessions
With increasing pain and no other options, Marsha gave the alternative treatment a shot. After only a few sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, Marsha began to notice improvement in her symptoms. “Much to my surprise, I actually started feeling better within a few days.”

Having seen some improvement within only a few visits, Marsha decided to look at the whole picture and that she would likely get the best results from the treatments if she followed the advice of Wendy and the YOLLO team to have an ALCAT test performed and to take a serious look at her vitamin and nutrient intake.

Because Marsha was feeling better and better with each passing hyperbaric treatment, she decided to heed the results of the ALCAT test and starting increasing her intake of foods that would help her condition and stopped eating foods that caused negative reactions within her body.

“What I learned from the ALCAT test is invaluable. I was essentially poisoning my body by consuming foods that were causing internal inflammation. After incorporating recommended changes into my eating habits, I feel amazing!”

A combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, dietary changes, and supplements has left Marsha feeling better than she has in several years.

“My daughter, other family members, friends, and doctors all make comments on how I look better and seem to have much more energy now. My orthopedic doctor is thrilled with the positive results I have experienced using hyperbaric therapy and changing my eating habits.”

No More Medications
Marsha has seen such great results that she has been able to decrease the amount of medications she takes. Like many other patients with painful conditions, she was taking a combination of prescription drugs that only masked the pain. “Medications only mask the real problem. I don’t want to be dependent on a shelf full of drugs with harmful side effects for the rest of my life. And for once, I truly believe I don’t have to be. Thanks to the YOLLO team, I am getting rid of them one by one!”

The natural approach to healing the body as a whole is what sets YOLLO Wellness apart from all other offices. The YOLLO team believes that when given the right tools (adequate oxygen, proper vitamins and nutrients) the body can do what it is designed to do, heal itself without the aid of medications.

More Than Just a Patient File
Marsha gets excited when telling others about the exceptional service she continues to receive from the YOLLO team. “They are extremely knowledgeable about the entirety of what they do and the importance of treating the whole body. They are very receptive to each client’s needs. When you walk through the doors at YOLLO Wellness, you can be sure that each team member truly cares about your health and is sincerely dedicated to helping you get better.”

Bright Outlook for Living Pain FREE (finally)
In addition to decreasing her pain level by about 80% in only two months, Marsha has lost 15 pounds. She considers the weight loss a bonus and can’t express enough about the amazing difference the services at YOLLO Wellness has had on her life.

Marsha admitted that just five months ago she was a completely different, miserable person. The stinging and burning from the fibromyalgia symptoms made daily activities almost unbearable. “Everything about my life has changed, for the better. I feel great! Finally making that first appointment at YOLLO was a complete blessing for me. My only regret was waiting so long to make it. I wish I had heeded the advice of my doctor earlier.”

“I sincerely look forward to each appointment. I don’t have the words to express how much Wendy and the YOLLO team have done for me in a few short months, both physically and mentally. It is like a miracle, it truly is. I hope that by sharing my story, more people learn about the life-changing services available at YOLLO Wellness. There is hope in living pain free!”


. ALCAT Platinum Panel which include daily food plans
. Blood draw
. Consultation with Nutritionist (12 months)
. Live Cell Blood Analysis for digestion
. Consultation with Naturopath about supplements
. 4 mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Dives (prescription from your doctor)
. Consultation with ALCAT Specialist

. Full Body DITI Scan
. Platinum ALCAT Panel which includes daily food plan
. ALCAT Platinum Panel
. Blood draw
. Consultation with ALCAT Specialist
. Consultation with Nutritionist (12 months)
. 2 Live Cell Blood Analysis for digestion
. Consultation with Naturopath about supplements
. 30 mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Dives (prescription from your doctor)
. 30 Day supply of supplements (up to 400.00)

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