If you are a new pet owner, understanding the tasks at hand is essential for your pet’s health, happiness, and safety. Getting your new pet acclimated to your surroundings and schedule is critical for their comfort and will ease any anxiety that they may have. If you work full time, it’s helpful to find a neighbor, friend, or relative that can let your puppy outside for frequent breaks. Hiring a pet sitter or dog walker is also a viable option. And, it’s a good idea to train your new pet right away.

It’s critical to make sure your new pet has access to cool, fresh water at all times. It’s best to change their water at least once a day. If they require a ball-bearing bottle, make sure that it’s secured in an area they have unlimited access to. Keeping them well-hydrated is critical for their health. Food can be tricky; sometimes, pets are pickier than others. It’s best to talk about the type of diet you want to try with your veterinarian, as they know what works best for specific breeds and individual needs.

Sleep Requirements
Baby animals need a lot of sleep. Puppies need 18-20 hours, while older dogs sleep on average for 12-14 hours per day. Kittens need about 20 hours per day, while older cats sleep 12-16 hours per day. Giving your new pet a comfortable, designated sleeping mat, bed, or area is ideal. You can move them around if necessary, to keep your eye on them; this is important for puppies, more so than kittens because they tend to get into things more frequently.

Exercise and Fresh Air
It’s also wise to speak to your veterinarian about the type of exercise that’s appropriate for your pet, and when it’s safe to take baby animals outside, as well as how much exercise is appropriate for elderly animals. Here in Florida, providing animals with shaded areas to rest or play, and with an ample supply of water is always important!

If you have a lot of small knick-knacks or children’s toys around your home, it might be best to try and keep those away from the pets as much as possible. Keeping an eye on them is crucial for their safety. For example, if your dog gets into your kid’s toys, they can choke, get an obstructed bowel, and suffer potentially life-threatening circumstances, not to mention that your kids will not be happy if all of their toys end up in Fido’s belly.

Veterinarian Care is Critical!
It’s always important to speak to your veterinarian about what’s best for your new pet.

It’s critical to get all of your pets vaccinations and testing done at specific times based on their age. Your veterinarian and their team can help you set up a vaccine schedule that works for your new pet. You’ll also need to work with your veterinarian to determine the best time to schedule your new pet’s spay or neuter surgery, which could be as early as 6 months old or as late as 1 year old.

The Best Friends Animal Hospital Difference
Best Friends Animal Hospital believes in providing quality health care for your pet in a warm and welcoming environment. Their doctors routinely attend educational seminars to stay abreast of the latest medical treatments and technologies. Their hospital also prides itself on having state-of-the-art equipment including a digital dental X-ray machine. The dental digital X-ray machine allows them to take high-quality dental radiographs in seconds. These images are vital in the completion of the comprehensive oral exam preformed on each patient while they are under anesthesia for their dental cleaning procedure. The veterinarians use the x-rays to check for any disease or abnormalities that could be hidden below the gum line.

Best Friends Animal Hospital offers free 24-hour access to your pet’s medical record through a pet portal, as well as home delivery of your pet’s prescriptions through an online store. Their online Pharmacy carries prescription medications, heartworm, flea and tick preventative, pet food, treats, and toys.

The doctors and staff are devoted to helping your pets’ live longer, healthier, and happier lives because they understand that your pet is a valuable member of your family. Their knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions you may have, and they look forward to seeing you and your pet(s) soon. Please visit their website to find out more, or call them to book your appointment.

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