Manual Lymph Drainage

By Jamie Kliewe, Owner, Licensed Therapist & Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Manual Lymph DrainageManual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a medically-driven massage technique that was originally discovered and explored in the 1930’s by Drs. Emil and Estrid Vodder, for chronic sinusitis and other immune-related illnesses. Now, MLD is used in many other applications, including general detoxification, lymphedema management, post-operative healing, extreme stress relief, pre-pregnancy detox, and more. Stimulating the lymphatic system helps to eliminate waste products, toxins, bacteria, and excess fluid from the body.

Our lymphatic system is essentially our body’s filtration/garbage disposal network. It is made up of organs, nodes, vessels, and ducts, which work together to process a substance called “lymph”, carrying the substance from our bloodstream through the lymph network and back to the bloodstream. As this lymph circulates throughout our bloodstream, it collects all the “trash” and activates excretory functions to escort it out of the body! The Lymphatic System is also responsible for circulating nutrients and oxygen into the blood vascular system assisting with healing and repair mechanisms. When the lymph gets clogged up with a lot of toxins, it doesn’t flow properly and can cause or contribute to fatigue, mood swings, depression, low energy levels, weight gain, sinusitis, chronic immune suppression, headaches, and eventually even more serious illnesses like fibromyalgia, heart disease, lymphedema, and even certain cancers!

Receiving regular MLD treatments can often help boost the immune system by fighting off infections. When you activate and clear lymphatic vessels, bad bacteria and viruses are much less likely to become opportunistic. Regular treatments can also help with hormone imbalances and contribute to a healthy metabolism. Many studies have been and are being conducted to understand more fully the important impact the Lymphatic System has on the entire function and health of the body.

The style and technique will differ slightly depending on the therapist, but the Vodder Method is the most studied in terms of results and efficacy. True lymphatic drainage will be an incredibly soft and relaxing experience, involving light circular motions, tracing your whole lymphatic system, or sometimes targeted to specific areas. The more toxins you have, the more risk you may have for not feeling well after your first session, which is also a huge sign of how well this technique works! If you eat poorly, take pharmaceutical drugs, smoke, work or live in toxic conditions, have certain chronic health conditions, or are toxic in other ways, it is possible that you will not feel well after your manual lymphatic drainage session. In some extreme cases, you may even come down with flu-like symptoms, but they should not last long. It is all a part of the process and will be worthwhile in the end. It would be wise to schedule your first session at the end of your work week, when you have a day to devote to rest and recovery just in case you experience some of these symptoms. It’s also common that you’ll have to use the restroom frequently after your MLD session, or even throughout the massage, so always feel open to telling your therapist that you need to take a break to use the restroom. It is especially important to be hydrated during the lymphatic drainage, so drink plenty of water before and after treatment.

Omni Balanced Life Center offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy massage with our experienced and qualified Vodder Certified therapists. OMNI works with guests who choose MLD for a variety of reasons, including post-surgery, lymphedema management, general detox, and more. Several surgeons and integrative MDs and DOs in our area and beyond refer their clients to OMNI because their results truly speak for themselves.

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