Making a Senior Community Your New Home

Senior CommunityOver time, the financial costs and physical strain of owning a home or condo can become overwhelming.

Making the decision to move into a rental senior housing community can go a long way in helping alleviating some of that stress.  Most often, many utilities that are often additional monthly expenses, like water, gas and electric, are included in your rent. There are no maintenance costs, like mowing the lawn, fixing a leaky roof or replacing a hot water heater. Moving into a senior living community means that all those maintenance issues – indoor and outdoor – are taken care of for you! This means less stress and more time to enjoy your community. And those social gatherings you’re always hearing about? Well, those are usually free too!

The decision to transition to a senior housing community can be a difficult one – you’ve spent many years in your family home and created special memories that last a lifetime. Let American House Bonita Springs help you create memories of the future!

Maintenance-free living
American House Bonita Springs is a completely maintenance-free senior housing community:

. Full-time, on-site maintenance: Consider the on-site maintenance staff as your personal ‘handyman’ ready to take care of any task big or small.

. Kitchen appliance maintenance: All apartments in American House Bonita Springs have full kitchens. So what happens if you’re having problems with your stove or microwave?

Don’t worry! These big ticket items won’t put a strain on your budget, rather the on-site team will do what’s necessary to repair or replace your appliances!

. Worry-free travel: Leaving on vacation to travel across town or to a different state? You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home will be just as it was when you left.

Life Enrichment
There will never be a dull moment at American House Bonita Springs. You will always have someone to share a laugh with, catch up on the latest TV show, or take a walk around the neighborhood. Moving into a senior living community allows for plenty of socialization and new friends! At American House Bonita Springs, the community is full of activities: swimming, cultural outings, crafts, music, food – it’s limitless.

The perks of living at American House Bonita Springs outweigh the potentially difficult decision of moving into a senior housing
community. With maintenance-free living and several options to keep you active and engaged, American House Bonita Springs is the perfect place for you!

American House
Accepting Reservations
Opening Spring 2015
11400 Longfellow Lane, Bonita Springs, FL

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