LOVE YOUR HEARTWhen someone thinks of February, it usually involves thoughts of Valentine’s Day with its heart filled imagery prominently displayed on cards expressing our love to someone special while we try to decide what caring things we can do for them on that special day. February is also “National American Heart Health Month”, dedicated to increasing awareness of the risks associated with heart disease. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention ( report that each year 715,000 heart attacks and 600,000 deaths of American’s are attributed to heart disease, which is also the number one killer of women in America. The situation is alarming, but there is good news; heart disease is preventable and controllable. It’s a fact that weight loss of as little as 10-20 pounds can bring about significant heart health improvements.

Every day at New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness, we do our part in the national effort to reduce heart disease by providing our clients weight loss, weight maintenance and the changing of behaviors through healthier eating habits. We want everyone to “Love Your Heart Every Day”.

If you want to see RESULTS, lose weight and improve your heart health, call New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness to schedule a FREE no obligation consultation and talk to one of our Weight Loss Coaches today. All new enrollments before February 14th, 2014 will receive $50 off any program, in addition to our current one month free promotion. It’s our Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day gift to you.

For our clients, expressing love means achieving the ability to do more with their loved-ones by getting off their medications, feeling stronger, being healthier, increasing physical stamina and extending their quality of life by weighing less and healthier eating.

At New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness our staff has over 15 years of prior weight loss experience. We have brought back traditional weight loss with one-on-one coaching, accountability, nutritional guidance and dietician certified meal plans to make your weight loss journey safe, quick, easy and sustainable.

Weight loss has many more benefits than fitting into a special outfit or looking good in a swimsuit. Each of us have the ability to create our own destiny when it comes to losing even a little weight, which can lower blood pressure, increase heart muscle strength, as well as improve vascular and heart health. Here are some tips to lose weight and improve your heart health.

New Journey’s Tips to Improving Your Heart Health
Lose Weight & Maintain a Healthy Weight:  Two-thirds of the American population is considered overweight. Being at the right weight for your body type is crucial. When your body is within a healthy weight range, your body circulates blood more effectively, fluid levels are properly maintained and you are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Even without other hereditary risk factors, being overweight increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, sleep apnea and other physical anomalies.

Setting a Realistic Weight Loss Goal:  At New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness we will ensure your goal is attainable, safe and tied to your lifestyle. Although there are quick fix diets with pre-packaged meals, prescribed drugs and shots like HCG available, we will teach you how to lose up to 3 to 5 pounds per week while eating restaurant and grocery store foods and preparing food that any family member can enjoy.

Don’t Go It Alone: It’s been proven that undertaking weight loss is much easier when you do it with someone. There’s a certain degree of accountability and competition that sets in.

Involve Your Family: Overweight adults may have overweight family members who can reap the same benefits of weight loss. Often children are targets of advertising for high calorie, high-fat snacks and sugary drinks making it even more important to include family members in your healthy eating journey. New Journey Weight Loss is one the few weight loss centers with programs specifically designed for children nine and older. We also have programs for vegetarians and non-insulin diabetics.

Eat Heart Healthy: A healthy diet is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease. Being overweight is typically the result of prolonged poor eating habits including overindulgent portions and snacking, along with high salt intake, excessive carbohydrates, cholesterol-raising fats and consuming processed foods.

Limiting Alcohol Intake: Excess alcohol can damage heart muscle, increase blood pressure and lead to weight gain. When you drink alcohol, your body makes the removal of alcohol a priority over other metabolic processes rather than processing stored fats and foods.

Reducing Stress: Chronic stress, boredom and anger can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking and overeating; all of which increase weight and are contributing factors of heart disease. New Journey Weight Loss’ one-on-one coaching can help to identify and address your reasons for weight gain.

Physical Activity: Don’t think that every weight loss journey has to involve a grueling gym experience. Physical exercise can be a range of activities including: playing golf, walking at the mall, riding a bike in your neighborhood, learning to dance, working in your garden, hiking or playing a sport with your children. It is important to do anything that gets your metabolism going.

Don’t Smoke: Smoking is directly related to heart disease. Although smoking cessation is not part of New Journey Weight Loss’ programs, it is strongly encouraged, as it increases the sense of taste and improves the ability to appreciate natural food flavors.

No one wants to ruin a great Valentine’s Day tradition, so here’s our last Valentine’s Day Heart Healthy tip. A gift of chocolate is okay! A heart healthy fat can be found by eating dark chocolate, but you want to select a chocolate that has at least 70% cacao content.

Call New Journey Weight Loss & Wellness (239) 280-0678 today to start your New Journey to a New You!

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