Long-Term Care a Waste of Money???…

 A  Real Client  Testimonial

– By Rosemarie Hurley, Certified Senior Advisor –

Long-Term CareOften times I am inspired by past clients with stories and comments. Today was truly an inspirational day for me.

I received a phone call from Dr. N. ….I wrote a policy for him and his wife almost 10 years ago. Dr. N. was 74 and his wife was 70 when they completed the paperwork. He thought I would not remember them after “all these years”, but I did right away. He reminded me that he was not really convinced about buying Long-Term Care Insurance, but his wife really thought it was a good idea. Very reluctantly he wrote the deposit check. He said “ I remember, I thought it was a total waste of my money”.

Two years after he accepted the policies, he talked with a financial advisor about the validity of the purchase since Dr. N. had decided it was a total “waste of money”. The Advisor said it was a good plan, but he called me to tell me he was dropping both policies anyway. We had a long chat. He reminded me that after I reviewed the benefits, the pricing , and what the policy would be worth if either or both of them went on claim. He explained that after talking with me again, they decided to keep the policies. Once again, reluctantly.

This afternoon, Dr. N. went on to explain how grateful he was that he had reversed his original decision to cancel the plans. He explained that Mrs. N was diagnosed several years ago with Alzheimer’s disease. He explained that she had progressed, and that now she was quite “advanced “with the disease. Dr. N. went on to say that he had collected thousands of dollars from the policies so far, and he was so happy he stayed with it. He has received so MUCH MORE in this claim than he had paid in premiums and the policy continues to pay.

He called me just to thank me for helping them and for putting together the right policy for them so many years ago. He said that working with the company we chose, in this case, Genworth, had been an absolute pleasure. He said he was so surprised at how easy they were to work with and how seamless the payment stream was.

The seriousness of Mrs. N.’s condition is not lessened by having the policy, but the financial burden was so much easier on them and the family because of the plans. I had tears in my eyes when he explained that he tried to reach me for several days . He did not want to leave a message. He wanted to talk with me directly to thank me. He also offered his personal phone number for anyone of my clients that were hesitant to purchase a plan. He would be happy to tell them their story. He explained that he would be so eager to encourage skeptics about how beneficial this was. I thanked him for his offer and told him I would do that since I had his permission.

After 18 years of working with people to put policies in place to protect the future, calls like these make my heart glad and reinforce my purpose. If you have been “on the fence”, he would like to tell you his story. Call me and I will give you his Dr. N’s name and number.

Rosemarie Hurley, President of Senior Insurance Solutions has been a Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist for over 18 years and brokers with only the finest insurance companies in the industry and is contracted with EVERY company offering a product. She is a Certified Senior Advisor and Past President of the local chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters. She is a member of the Bonita and the Estero Chambers, and a Past President of the Rotary Club of Estero. She can be reached at 274-6678 or at her web site: www.longtermcareinsurance-online.com.

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