Local Hope for Those Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple SclerosisTen thousand new Multiple Sclerosis cases are diagnosed every year in the US. This disease  affects people usually between the ages of 20-50. The ratio of women with MS to men with the disease is 2 to 1.Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease which affects the brain and spinal cord. MS can cause a variety of symptoms, visual problems, muscle weakness, difficulties with walking, coordination and speech.

When an individual is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, they are inundated with a flood of emotions including: fear, doubt, loneliness, sorrow, confusion and isolation just to name a few. What a tragic diagnosis. What does this mean for me, my family, and my life? The mere statement of “You have Multiple Sclerosis (MS),” is enough to make someone question everything that they once knew and have to face a reality that they never imagined. While the immediate diagnosis is scary for most, after the processing of all the natural feelings and emotions, take place it is important to know that there is so much hope and promising treatments.

There is no cure for MS. However, the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida (MS Center) provides a comprehensive wellness program to help its clients manage the symptoms of their disease. The MS Center provides services such as massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, and mental health counseling through contracted therapists located throughout Southwest Florida. The MS Center pays for the services, and requires only a small co-pay from the client. The MS Center also provides funding for its clients to access other therapeutic programs in the community such as Naples Equestrian Challenge, a local therapeutic horseback riding center. Yoga classes, monthly educational events, and other activities are also offered by the Center free of charge to people with MS.

“While there are many other great organizations that support Multiple Sclerosis research and education, our organization focus is the quality of life of our clients. We take pride in providing the resources needed for our clients to live a more normal life, while managing their overall symptoms”, said Kay Jasso, Executive Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida. “I just want anyone suffering from MS to know that there are resources available locally… we are here for them.”

The MS Center of SWFL serves Lee, Collier and Glades County. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9am4pm and by appointment. For more information please call Kay at 239-435-1901 or go to their website at www.MSCenterSwfl.org.

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