Lipo Light Permanently Reduces & Eliminates Cellulite

Lipo Light Permanently Reduces & Eliminates CelluliteCellulite is one of the most common complaints among women, and more than 80% of ladies over the age of 20 will admit to having at least some problem areas. Since fat pockets pushing up underneath the surface of the skin cause cellulite, it can often be controlled with simple lifestyle changes such as weight loss, healthy diet, and exercise. However, some cellulite is a result of tight connective tissue or thin, non-pliable skin. In these cases, diet and exercise may not be enough to get rid of the unsightly lumps and bumps that keep you from wearing your shorts or bathing suits.

If you are having difficulty getting rid of your unwanted cellulite, Lipo Light may be effective where other treatments have been unsuccessful.

What is Lipo Light Treatment?
Lipo Light uses a LED light to specifically target problem areas. Laser beams heat up the tissue and break down – or melt – fat deposits that cause cellulite so that it can be eliminated from the body. It is often combined with electrostimulation, which works by massaging or contracting the skin and underlying layers to tighten and reshape.

Advantages of Lipo Light Cellulite Removal
1.    Non-Invasive: Laser cellulite removal is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure so you won’t have to worry about anesthetic, incisions, or scarring. This makes it safe for nearly everyone with problematic cellulite areas, even those with diabetes.

2.    Quick Recovery: Since no hospitalization is required and no incisions are made, you will be able to continue with your regular activities immediately following the sessions.

3.    Permanent: Lipo Light will remove the targeted cellulite completely, and once desired results have been achieved, no further treatment will be necessary since it is a permanent solution. Other treatments such as cellulite creams or massage may reduce the appearance of lumps and dimples but do not actually eliminate the problem. These other options also often require continued, long-term use in order to maintain results.

4.    Effective: Many other cellulite treatments target only the surface of the skin, but laser energy is able to penetrate into the deeper layers to break down fat deposits and work on connective tissues.

5.    Immediate Results: Many people notice improvement after only one session, and desired results are usually seen within 4-6 treatments. Cream, skin rollers, or exercise could take months to achieve the results you will see in just a few short laser sessions.

6.    Safe: Laser treatment is chemical and toxin free, and is virtually painless.

7.    Detoxifies: Many doctors believe that a build up of toxins in the body is a main cause of cellulite formation. Lipo Light cellulite removal will help drain the nasty toxins and excess fluid to give skin a smoother, healthier appearance.

8.    Improve Skin Tone: Many skin care specialists claim that the heat emitted from lasers may help improve blood circulation and
stimulate collagen production, which will make skin appear tighter and more toned. Cellulite is less visible when your skin is more resilient or elastic.

9.    Inch Loss: Laser cellulite removal has been known to shave a few inches off your hips and tummy, which is an added bonus.  And, weight loss is a great way to help reduce cellulite formation.

10. Cost Effective: Yes, laser sessions can seem expensive, especially when compared to other cellulite treatments. However, since it offers a complete and permanent solution, you will never have to spend money “maintaining” or “touching up” previously treated areas. The cost of cellulite creams, massage therapy, or tanning can really add up, especially when you consider the fact that you must continue these treatments long-term. You may not be putting out as much money at once, but in the long run, you will spend a fortune trying to banish cellulite. With a few sessions of Lipo Light you can achieve the results you want and begin wearing your shorts and tank tops almost immediately, with no continued treatment necessary.

Lipo Light is a great way to eliminate unwanted cellulite quickly, safely, and painlessly. However, keep in mind that, although the procedure offers permanent results, it does not always stop more cellulite from forming in the future, especially if the reason for your cellulite is poor diet or excess weight. It is still important to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to help reduce or prevent your risk of further problems.

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