Life Care Center of Estero Wellness Tip of the month: Get off the couch this football season!

Life Care Center of EsteroA recent study in the August 2014 issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise looked cardiovascular disease risk factors in two groups. The first group sat for 3 hours straight with no standing compared the second group, which sat for the same 3 hours but with 3 short walks throughout this period. The results showed significant higher cardiovascular disease risk factors in the group who sat for 3 hours straight. Another study from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas found that sitting for 2 hours negated the effects of 20 minutes of exercise. Take home message: don’t sit for prolonged periods, it’s bad for your health! Try to take walking breaks with prolonged sitting activities like:
-Doing office work
-Taking long car rides
-At the movies
-Air travel
-Watching the Big Game!
Paul Burns, PT, CSCS

Preferred Reserve Program at
Life Care Center of Estero
Making the transition to rehab following a scheduled surgery can be a stressful process. Requesting a room reservation at Life Care Center of Estero prior to your hospital stay makes it easier to stay focused.

You can pre-plan your rehab in several ways!

By phone: Call our director of admissions Chris Flores today at (239)495-4001. To start the conversation, just tell us you have a planned surgery and want to request a private room reservation.

In person: Come by for a guided facility tour. Let us know you have a surgery coming up and are pre-planning your recovery.

Online: Request your reservation online at by clicking on the Preferred Reserve icon, completing the information and sending the form. Then, we’ll contact you.

7 Reasons why you should choose the Orthopedic Program at Life Care Center of Estero
1. Private, comfortable and beautifully designed rooms
2. First of its kind program developed from the parent company of Life Care Center  of America with Preferred Reserve Program
3. Estero is located between two major centers for orthopedic surgery-Naples and Fort Myers
4. State of the art equipment including AlterG® Anti- Gravity Treadmill®, AlterG® Bionic Leg and the Biodex Balance System
5. Excellent therapists with latest techniques to rehabilitate patient following total joint  replacement and other orthopedic surgeries. These techniques include manual therapy, therapeutic taping, manual therapy and  functional strength
6. The care team trained in following physician protocols and the use of post operative  equipment
7. Education that empowers patient by informing them about their specific surgeries along with educational packets which include handouts, anatomy diagrams and home exercise programs

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