“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” – Hippocrates

By Jamie Kliewe

Let Food Be Thy MedicineIn today’s fast paced and technological world we have access to so much data and information that can either bless or curse us depending onhow we use it. One thing that we cannot fast track is our health, especially when it comes to nutrition. As much as modern medicine has offered the world in the realm of acute treatments for disease and relief of symptoms, it is quite lacking when it comes to conversation about how to prevent such diseases and illnesses. There are mountains of data proving that a healthy diet and exercise are still the key components to living a disease and illness free life. We are bombarded with many more mental, physical, spiritual and emotional toxins than our ancestors which has made things a little more complicated, however, the solid foundation still needs to be a healthy diet and exercise. I like to use the analogy of putting anything but the proper unleaded fuel in your gas tank to make your car run. We wouldn’t put dirty water in the tank and expect it to run, right? The same goes for our bodies. We must fuel our bodies with the right micro and macro nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, etc.) in order for all of the mechanisms to run properly.

Everything is connected. When one system or function fails or is diminished, it will then affect the next function and so on. Getting back to the basics is something that is difficult in this “instant gratification” world that we live in. Some wise teachers have said that anything worth having takes time and does not come too quickly. Though adopting a healthy lifestyle will create immediate changes, it takes time and effort to sustain and continue that lifestyle to prevent illness and disease. It CAN be done and you CAN do it! The basics include clean, fresh fruits and vegetables – organic if possible. If you are a meat eater – grass fed grass finished, organic meat that has not been treated with antibiotics or steroids. Fresh water with the appropriate minerals still intact or added, if necessary. Eliminate any artificial or processed foods. Move, Move, Move! Exercise is the nemesis that will not go away. There is no magic wand on this one. Find some form of exercise that you can do and just do it. Consistency is key! Of course, there are many methods and dietary theories floating around that tend to confuse people more than help, so it is best to start out keeping it simple. I like to say anything that God gave us from the earth is fair game for the diet.

I know there are also many people who have declined in their health to the extent that they now have some more serious symptoms that need to be navigated and there are specialists in the area of Functional Health that can assist with those more complicated situations, however, the basics are still the same and can be initiated by anyone at any time.

In this day and age, the best defense is offense. Planning ahead and being intentional about our health is the best strategy! Get help with qualified practitioners if you need some assistance learning about sustainable lifestyle changes and implementing strategies that will create long lasting results. Omni Balanced Life Center offers a team style approach to wellness providing Functional Healthcare and Holistic Health Coaching to assist clients/patients with nutrition mentoring and much more!

Jamie Kliewe, Owner of Omni Balanced Life Center, Licensed Therapist & Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, works along with her team of highly professional and dedicated therapists to help the Southwest Florida community members achieve their highest level of health. OMNI’s team approach offers traditional and holistic treatments and services that work in collaboration with your general health practitioner to achieve a true whole person approach to healthcare.

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