Lapiplasty: A new way to fix your bunion

Bunions or hallux valgus (medical term) is a “bump” on the side of the big toe, but did you know the root cause of a bunion is located in the middle of the foot. Its causes from and unstable joint in the middle of the foot that allows your toe to become misaligned creating the visually and commonly painful “bump”.

Traditionally, bunions were corrected by a 2-D osteotomy (cutting the bone). This procedure had a high recurrence rate meaning that the bunion would most likely return within a few years. Today, many people fear having their bunion corrected because they know people or have heard of people who’s bunion returned after surgical correction. The good news is: there are new and innovative ways to correct your bunion. One new method is a procedure called the Lapiplasty by Treace Medical.


The Lapiplasty is a 3-D bunion correction procedure. The patented procedure is designed to permanently correct your bunion. This means your bunion will not return. A 3-D bunion correction means the procedure corrects the deformity in all 3 planes by addressing the root cause, resulting in permanent correction of the bunion. Another advantage of this procedure is the patients can resume walking with a boot in two weeks. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, allowing patients to return home that same day. Minimal pain is associated with recovery, but everyone is different. Your experience may not always be the same as someone’s else’s. During the recovery period, you will be placed in a boot during your first post op appointment. Patients will avoid walking and putting pressure on the foot for 1 – 2 weeks. Again, the patient will use a boot following the procedure for a duration of 6-8 weeks. If your right foot is the surgical foot, no driving for at least 4 weeks. Swelling and numbness are the most common complaints after surgery. Swelling is expected after any foot surgery and can last for a year. Numbness should resolve over time, but permanent numbness to areas around the surgical site or your big toe can be permanent. This should not affect your daily activities if you do develop any numbness.

To learn more about bunion correction procedures and if you are a candidate for the Lapiplasty procedure, please contact your local foot and ankle surgeon.

Isin Mustafa

For more information, you may contact Dr. Isin Mustafa at Family Foot & Leg Center at (833) 366-8534. Family Foot & Leg Center has 8 locations throughout Collier, Lee, & Charlotte Counties to quickly resolve all your foot and ankle problems.

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