The Key to Success with Hearing Loss… is Starting EARLY!

By Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Services

The Key to Success with Hearing Loss… is Starting EARLY!People often ask “Why do some people do so well in adapting to hearing aids… while others have such a difficult time with with them?” According to John Hoglund BC-HIS, ACA of Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Center, one  of the biggest keys to success is seeing a Hearing Specialist as soon as you can, if you suspect that hearing loss is developing. John and his wife Patricia who have had a combined 59 years experience in treating hearing loss agree that early intervention is critical to happiness with hearing instruments, especially when it involves NERVE DEAFNESS! “If you ask any Hearing Specialist to name their 100 happiest hearing aid Patients, each of us would likely pick the 100 that started with the mildest prescription!” states John, “SMALL change is very easy for the brain to adapt to, while BIG change is much more challenging.”

According to The Better Hearing Institute in Washington D.C. three in ten people over age 60 have hearing loss.  And among Americans ages 41 to 59, about 15 percent already have hearing problems—that’s one in six Baby Boomers.  Younger still, 7.4 percent—or one in 14—Generation Xers, ages 29 to 40, suffer from hearing loss.  What’s more, at least 1.4 million children, 18 or younger, have hearing problems.  And it’s estimated that 3 in 1,000 infants are born with serious to profound hearing loss.  Despite the numbers and the far-reaching impact hearing loss has on so many aspects of an individual’s life, many people who are aware that their hearing has deteriorated are nevertheless reluctant to seek help.  Unfortunately, too many wait years, even decades, before getting treatment, becoming more and more disconnected as time goes by.  This procrastination, according to Mr. Hoglund makes treating the condition much more challenging.

“If we catch a problem when it first starts, and people a missing a few things now and then, boy is that EASY to treat! Getting used to MILD amplification is very simple because it represents a very SMALL change… and the human brain does brilliantly with small change. We can usually restore almost 100% understanding,… it is not a shock to the system in any way,… and it is typically a very smooth, very easy, and very pleasant transition for the Patient, and if they wear them consistently and see their Specialist regularly… we can usually maintain that pleasant transition even as the loss worsens over time, because then every change the Patient experiences as the loss worsens and we need to reprogram their instruments to keep up with the advancing hearing loss, will again be SMALL changes, and adapting to small change is a ‘walk in the park’ “

“However”, John continues, “as hearing loss advances, our results don’t drop slightly… they can actually plunge DRAMATICALLY! Advance stage Hearing Loss can be a nightmare to deal with, and waiting until people need very STRONG instruments, especially for their first pair, is typically a HUGE challenge for the brain to adapt to, because it is more of a ‘SENSORY OVERLOAD’ effect. Most people know friends, family members or people in their church or community, who have gotten very good, very sophisticated, and sometimes very expensive instruments, and yet have had a completely miserable experience with them! They can’t adapt to being back in the world of sound…they are always adjusting them up and down, back and forth, because their brains can no longer handle normal volume, and if they get into places loud and noisy they can get so OVERWHELMED by the sound…many people have sadly FAILED with hearing aids completely! These complications, unfortunately in many instances…are completely ‘self inflicted’…because the biggest reason for these type challenges and complications, are strictly because we should have started SOONER! Many times the reason that we didn’t start soon enough, is because hearing tests aren’t part of most normal physicals”, says John, “ and therefore even with people who take great care of most other aspects of their health, this is one aspect of their health that tends to ‘fall by the wayside”

Ever notice how during a physical exam your doctor seems to ask you about virtually every aspect of your health, but never mentions your hearing? You’re not alone. According to a survey by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), fewer than 15 percent of those who received a physical exam in the last year said they received a hearing screening by their physician or nurse during that exam.  “More Americans than ever before are suffering with hearing loss,” says Sergei Kochkin, executive director of BHI. “Yet we treat hearing loss like a neglected orphan in today’s health care system. We still don’t have a universal hearing loss screening program for children or adults. And the historical incidence of physician screening for hearing loss has been low—despite the fact that more than 95 percent of those with hearing loss could benefit from hearing aids.”There has also been recent research published by Johns Hopkins that shows that untreated hearing loss can greatly increase the instance of memory loss and cognitive problems, which makes it even more important to monitor your hearing acuity on a regular basis!

John and his wife Patricia have conducted educational seminars for groups clubs and organizations throughout Florida since 1985 because HEARING is one aspect of health that most people pay very little attention to, and early signs of hearing loss such as having trouble understanding in group environments, and starting to feel that people are “mumbling” are dismissed disregarded, or not paid attention to the way they should be. This lackadaisical attitude can cause complications later in life. They also conduct FREE HEARING EVALUATIONS for those wishing to learn more about their hearing and furnish dated copies for personal medical records. They typically hold monthly seminars featuring prominent Hearing Health experts again at NO CHARGE through their popular “LUNCH & LEARN” seminar programs held at local Perkins Restaurants throughout Southwest Florida. John and Patricia have always tried to be the ‘Educational Resource Center’ for those seeking to know more about their hearing. Patricia adds, that they always say,   “All it will COST you is a little of your TIME…but the KNOWLEDGE you receive may be PRICELESS!”

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