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Karen De Souza Ferreira Hunt, MDDr. Karen is a talented and compassionate physician, and she is also a fascinating person; some might say an overachiever coupled with a beautiful outlook on life. We caught up with her to discuss her dedication to advanced patient care and her other passion, singing.

Q: What sets you apart as a family practice physician?

A: I want to be the best doctor I can be for my patients. I believe I have a responsibility to my patients to make them the best version of themselves, and that means giving them the best version of me. I like to listen to what they have to say, interpret their concerns and come up with plans that sound feasible, and with approaches that are within their reach (changing their diet, exercise, changing their mindset, and if all this fails or it becomes a bit hard for them to reach their goals, then I prescribe the appropriate medications for them to reach their goals). I try to veer away from prescribing medications at first glance unless, of course, the diagnosis in a specific case warrants it, or I don’t see a way to fix it without medication. I like to make sure all their preventive measures are met so we don’t miss any diagnoses that may need early detection.

I like to educate my patients and explain conditions to them, so they understand where their lab values come from or where their problems are arising from, and I like to think that in doing so, I am making their experience at my office a great one.

Q: We know you have a love for singing and songwriting. How long have you been doing this, and what is your motivation?

A: I do. I LOVE music in all its forms. I started singing in high school but was too shy to perform anywhere. It wasn’t until Medical School at 18 years old, when I asked for a guitar for Christmas, and my parents got me one, that I began self-learning how to play on google. Eventually, I figured it out and started writing my own songs as a coping mechanism to the amount of stress I was under. Little did I know I’d be playing my own songs and covers at bars in Miami, New York, and Tampa years later. To this day, I still write songs to vent, just for fun or to de-stress, and maybe you’ll see me play at some local venues when it is safe to open things up and gather.

Q: You’ve recorded a song titled “Let life in.” Can you tell us more about the lyrics, the reasoning behind this endeavor, and where patients can listen to it?

A: Hahaha. I laugh because this is a song I wrote during quarantine, and it is just a fun, party song—something to bop your head to. (nothing to do with my professional life LOL). I had some time on my hands since I was switching Family Practices, so I figured I would add another skill to my repertoire and bought myself some recording gear on amazon. I recorded all the tracks (voices, bass, guitar) except the drums by myself and had a friend of mine in Peru to record the drums for me. I uploaded it to multiple platforms, and my friends and people I know started downloading it, and now I’ve had some downloads in different continents thanks to the distributors. The song is available on apple music, Spotify, Instagram stories, etc. (Karen de Souza Ferreira- Let life in)

Q: What’s the one thing you want your patients to know about optimal health?

A: I want my patients to know they don’t need to be at the doctor all the time. I am here to guide them, to teach them how to change certain habits that sometimes we fall into, and to make them the healthiest they can be, so they decrease their risks of developing the most common diseases we have here in this country (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.) I also believe that when your mind is at ease, so is your body, and sometimes if it isn’t, that stumps the process. If we identify what is in the way of your health journey’s success, we can fix the problem, whether it is mental health, cardiovascular health, other physical ailments, etc. If you talk, I’ll listen, and we will figure things out together.

About Dr. Karen de Souza Ferreira Hunt
Karen De Souza Ferreira Hunt, M.D., is a graduate of Universidad San Martin de Porres in Lima, Peru. She trained in family medicine at North Shore LIJ-Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York.

Dr. Souza is board certified in family medicine and has been practicing in Southwest Florida since 2016. In her free time, she enjoys singing, songwriting, and illustrating. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and French!

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