Let JMP Medical Help You Beat the Healthcare Reform

By James Porcelli, M.D. –

Let JMP Medical Help You Beat the Healthcare ReformJMP Medical is the most unique medical practice in Southwest Florida.  Dr. James Porcelli focuses on total wellness in conjunction with the treatment and control of disease. He does this by using an array of medical resources to maximize the outcome for his patients. The newest edition to JMP Medical is the Metabolix® Program.

Medtabolix® is a result-driven program that is designed for individuals looking to make a genuine commitment to a healthier lifestyle. The program is designed with an aggressive wellness format with expected wellness gains. Following the program, you can expect to experience a reduction of medications needed, increased fitness level, heightened libido, improved immune function, a reshaping of your body and new vitality.

The program uses a combination of health treatments that make up the unique approach to maximizing overall health. An individualized program is developed specially for you by the collection of specific health data. This data comes from subjective assessments and cutting edge diagnostic testing.

The initial testing is a baseline laboratory test which will consist of observing previous labs along with evaluating telomeres (DNA), hormones, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, electrolytes, antioxidants, fatty acids, cholesterol, inflammatory markers, and other basic organ system test. Laboratory data is utilized to determine underlying abnormalities that could be contributing to current symptoms or may identify disorders that may have to be addressed prior to or during the Metabolix® program. Often, lab values will come back within “normal” ranges despite symptoms directly supporting imbalance or dysfunction. Metabolix® uses their own set of “normal” ranges and treatment goals that correlate with symptoms to provide the best wellness solution for patients. Treating within normal range is a very important medical technique, which is appropriate considering that everybody has a unique chemical makeup. Our lab ranges are not based on what is normal and abnormal, but rather what is optimal for the patient and their wellness.

Now is the time to focus on your health because healthcare reform is going to change the way medical care is delivered. Access to your primary care doctor, medical specialist, and medical procedures is going to be effected. Today is the right time to invest in your health and wellness. The best way to beat healthcare reform is to become as healthy as you can be and minimize your needs for medical services while focusing your attention on wellness and prevention.

If you are suffering from headaches, inflammation, sleep problems, low energy, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, weigh gain, joint pain or vision problems this program might be just what the doctor ordered. Call JMP Medical to book your appointment and enjoy the active lifestyle you were born to have.

Dr. James M. Porcelli is the new owner and onsite physician of Trim Wellness Café. With more than 14 years of experience, Dr. Porcelli is Board Certified in internal and age management medicine. He specializes in integrated medicine, preventative wellness, anti-aging, and hormone replacement therapy.

Since founding JMP Medical over six years ago, Dr. Porcelli’s philosophy of preventative wellness and treating patients by combining acute care, age management, and hormone therapy have enabled him to expand his practice to include Trim Wellness Café.

Dr. Porcelli will continue to offer acute patient and total body wellness care.

9655 Tamiami Trail N., Ste. 102. For more information or to make an appointment, call 239-598-9327.

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