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It’s Back to School TimeLearning something new every day may seem like a tall order but in order to reach your maximum potential, you must attempt to deepen your understanding of the world around you. It’s not enough to be content with what you already know we must reach out and try new things. If you are a Collier county resident you have vehicle to aid you in this process. The Adult and Community Education Office offer endless cycles of exciting classes throughout the year.

If you are looking to move ahead in your career, sharpen up your skills, learn a new craft, get in shape, take control of your life or just meet some new friends we have a class for you. There are plenty of classes offered throughout the year that will meet your needs. Below is a brief description of a few classes beginning this month. For a full list of class offerings please visit

Introduction to Facebook
Learn how to connect with friends, family, colleagues and businesses through the power of social media. In this one-day class, you will be taught the basics of how Facebook works, common mistakes, and security issues to keep in mind. This is an open forum class. Participation is encouraged! Students will be given the opportunity to set up accounts if desired.

iPad, Setting it Up
Do you have an iPad and need help getting started in how to use it? Come to this one day class and learn the basics for setting your iPad up correctly with the Apple store and to your e-mail. You will need to have an e-mail account and its password to get the full benefit from this course.

Pine Needle Weaving
Learn how to make beautiful, decorative pine needle baskets. Each student will complete at least one basket by the end of the class. You will learn how to collect and prepare pine needles for weaving, basic stitches in making a basket, and how to preserve a finished basket.

Introductory Realist Painting Techniques (Oil or Acrylic)
See how creating a small realist painting each day can increase your skills in understanding color theory, objects’ direction, scale, proportion, perspective and shading. Improve your skills by learning to draw still life objects in color with precision, accuracy, and detail. This class focuses on painting from life and requires patience from students to complete each work and is open to students of all levels. You’ll work in a relaxed atmosphere with one-on-one instruction. Depending on student’s proficiency various subjects for painting can be explored. Students are encouraged to bring their own reference materials. The instructor will complete a demo in the beginning of every class to illustrate classical painting concepts and techniques.

Focus on Your Book Project
Have you often thought of writing a book? Stop thinking and get started. This course will focus on the process of drafting both fiction and nonfiction books and provides exercises to help you begin, including planning, 3-part structure, chaptering and organizing. The importance of characterization and subplot will be covered for fiction projects along with basic fiction elements such as dialogue, description, and pacing. For nonfiction, considerations for front and back matter, envisioning the layout, and details pertinent to nonfiction will also be covered. Students will have time during each session to share excerpts of their works-in-progress for feedback. All writing levels encouraged.

Golf, Beginning
This course utilizes the program, “Starting New at Golf,” a fun, positive golfing experience that is an ideal way to develop a golf swing or fine tune your present swing. You’ll learn about equipment, proper fundamentals, golf etiquette, and rules. This course will prepare you to take your game to the golf course. Equipment is provided for the class.

There are four easy ways to register for classes: online, by mail, by phone or onsite. For more information contact the Adult &Education Office at (239) 377-1234.

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