Dear Dr. Sievers and Coach Karen,

About a year ago, I made a decision to change my life and get healthy. Pre-diabetic and very overweight, I radically changed my diet and began an exercise program of cardio and weight training. I also began eating a very healthy diet (lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and lean protein) and exercising about five times a week. Things were going well, but several months ago I injured my back and have been in so much pain that I haven’t been able to do any exercise. As a result, my weight loss has stalled. What can I do to continue to lose weight if I can no longer exercise?
— Andrea, P. Naples, FL

First of all, congratulations on making some incredible changes in your life! The changes you have made will serve you very well in the future. We believe that diet is the most important component of weight loss. However, one cannot under estimate the importance of a good exercise program. And the fact that your weight loss has stalled, demonstrates that point very well.

In our office we employ very cutting edge technology to treat patients with acute and chronic pain and the results have been fantastic. We use RITM SCENAR® therapy, an advanced form of electrotherapy which has been effective in treating acute and chronic pain. It functions on two physiological principles: the body has its own healing capabilities and is continually employing processes of self-regulation to maintain health. And since the brain is the supreme coordinator of all healing, (controlling the meridians, the immune system and the hormonal system) the SCENAR device was specifically designed to work with it by receiving information from the brain to help the body heal. When we get an injury, we hope that the body will heal on its own. But that does not always happen. Failure to heal indicates that the brain is stuck in a ‘phase lock loop.” Simply put: signals from damaged tissue are not being recognized. SCENAR reactivates the brain delivering signals more precisely to target tissues.

The SCENAR device is a small, hand-held instrument with a transdermal electroneuro-stimulator. It delivers non-invasive, computer-modulated, therapeutic electro- stimulation via the patient’s skin and involves high amplitude, short-duration waveforms without causing discomfort to patients.

But the most unique characteristic of SCENAR is that it actually provides two-way communication with your body. Unlike conventional therapeutic devices, the SCENAR automatically adjusts its impulse in accordance with the body’s response to the device. This allows the machine to deliver specific healing signals back to the body based on accurate neuro-electrical information the body communicates to the machine. In simple terms, your body tells the SCENAR what the problem is and SCENAR provides the appropriate therapy.

The SCENAR output awakens the brain’s neurobiological response system to do what it does best–initiate the healing process. This process involves active reflex biofeedback which means the device is actively engaged with the processes that are happening in the body. The SCENAR device does this by monitoring the skin’s electrical resistance (known as its impedance) and responds by sending out electrical impulses in accordance with the changes in the skin’s impedance. The result is the patient receives the maximum therapeutic effects.

Many people mistake the SCENAR for a TENS unit, but they are not the same. TENS stimulates the nerve endings of skin over an area of pain to “distract” the brain from the source of pain. And it’s only effective for peripheral pain, not from pain of central origin (the brain or spinal cord). The TENS does not have any curative value; it just

dulls the pain. And with continued TENS use, the body will become accustomed to the same signal over and over and, ultimately, will not have any response. Once the TENS therapy is stopped, the pain generally returns. SCENAR uses different wave lengths and signals, preventing this adaptation. Additionally, SCENAR stimulates a particular type of nerve fiber to a much higher degree than other electrotherapies, triggering the release of neuropeptides (natural chemicals produced by the body) that provides pain relief and healing.

RITM SCENAR therapy is great for both acute and chronic pain as well as inflammation. And although its FDA approval is for use in chronic pain, we have had amazing results with other issues such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and more. And it’s extremely safe. (Pregnancy and patients with pacemakers cannot engage in this therapy.)

We have been seeing fantastic results with our patients who report pain relief, better sleep and even a feeling of general well-being. Both Coach Karen and I are trained in RITM SCENAR therapy and we welcome the opportunity to alleviate your pain and begin the healing process. Once that happens, you can resume your exercise program and begin to lose more weight.

For more information on RITM SCENAR, call our office at (239) 948-7291 to set up an appointment today.

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