Infinity Fall Prevention Program

Infinity Fall Prevention ProgramQUICK FACTS ABOUT FALLS

  1. 50% of all people over 75 years old fall each year.
  2. Risk for falls increase in the first month after being discharged from the hospital. 15% of all re-admissions to the hospital for seniors are related to falls.
  3. Falls account for 10% of ER visits and 6% of hospitalizations for those over 65.
  4. Falls are the leading cause of death in the home.
  5. Falls are a major factor in 40% of nursing home admissions.


  • Home assessment and intervention.
  • Vision assessment and facilitating appropriate treatment.
  • Strength and balance training.
  • Medication review with physician assisted modification or withdrawal.
  • Assessment of medical risks for falls, including blood pressure and vertigo screening.

Infinity uses a multi-discipline approach to fall prevention, as needed for each individual patient. Identifying the hazards is only part of the solution. Carrying out necessary changes is the key to preventing future falls.

  • Skilled nursing is used to assess blood pressure and neurological status, identify potential medication related side effects, and educate on a variety of topics.
  • Physical therapy is used to evaluate the patient’s home for safety, assess gait and balance, screen for vertigo, provide strength and balance training, and to teach proper use of canes, walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Occupational therapy is used to teach the patient to perform activities of daily living safely, assess vision, and to obtain adaptive equipment and footwear.
  • Speech therapy is used to identify, evaluate, and treat cognitive issues.
  • Medical social workers are used to obtain care in home and to assist patients in obtaining home modifications and financial assistance, and to help connect them to the many available community resources, such as meals on wheels, senior activities, and support groups.

For more information on the various services offered by Infinity please call the office nearest you.
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