Importance of Enjoying Social Activities

Enjoying Social ActivitiesAs people age, socialization becomes just as important as proper nutrition and regular exercise. American House Senior Living Communities offers a supportive, social and enriching atmosphere for its residents. With a structured life enrichment program, the company is dedicated to helping seniors live life to its fullest.

Socializing can extend years to a senior’s life
Experts say seniors who enjoy an active social life often extend their lives by several years. Socialization can go a long way in improving a senior’s quality of life.

Erin Sakmar, executive director, American House Senior Living Communities, explains, “Our Life Enrichment Program focuses on ‘whole person wellness’.  We know how vital social interaction is to a senior’s overall health, so we make it a priority to see that each resident has the opportunity to engage in activities that enrich the mind, spirit and body.”

Find others who share the same interests
American House recognizes each senior is an individual who is valued for his/her own talents and abilities. With this as a core belief, American House team members exceed the expectations of residents by engaging them in the planning of the monthly community events calendar.

“Our programs are resident-driven. Resident interest surveys are used to expand the monthly events, and allow us to schedule activities that truly interest our residents.  We often schedule speakers on various topics, or partner with adult learning programs to come in and teach a class on something our residents are interested in exploring,” says Sakmar.

To fulfill this mission, American House develops unique partnerships with local organizations to provide engaging cultural and educational opportunities for residents.   This allows American House to offer on-site programs and events that enhance a resident’s experience.

The Life Enrichment staff is trained by industry experts, including gerontologists, to offer programs that encompass the Whole Person Wellness Model.  This is a nationally recognized model that focuses on mind, body and spirit. It takes into account the following criteria: Social, Educational, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Vocational. Vocational programs help connect residents with their former profession, or calling, such as being a teacher, veteran or minister.

Bringing together residents who share the same interests serves to help a senior enjoy life even more. Sharing memories from long ago, while creating new memorable moments, can be the best medicine.

Socializing is as good for you as exercise
A recent study by Harvard University found that socializing for seniors has as many benefits as regular exercise.  Just like being physically active, socialization is linked to a positive emotional and mental state, as well as overall general health.

It’s not surprising that as we age; socializing with others becomes more important than ever. It’s essential to preserving brain health, and reducing the risk factors for cognitive decline.

Seniors tend to be more prone to isolation and depression. Many crave stimulation, including contact with others who share their interests, hobbies and opinions. That’s exactly what American House sets out to provide at its communities.

They go beyond meeting a resident’s primary needs of food and shelter.  When someone chooses to make their home at an American House, being an active part of a community is a top priority.  Opportunities to learn, volunteer and be a meaningful member of society are always available and encouraged.

“Keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies is part of what we do at American House,” said Sakmar.  “Our residents look forward to classes on computers and iPads, as well as yoga and tai chi. The opportunities are endless!”

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