“I’m Not Ready Yet”

By Bruce Rosenblatt, The Senior Housing Expert –

I’m Not Ready YetThroughout my 30 years in the senior housing business, I have heard the phrase “I’m not ready yet” time after time.  What I have found most interesting is that when you talk to the people living at a senior community, they will all tell you the same thing. “I wish I would have done it sooner.”  So, how do you determine when you are ready?

Move before you need to move (and before your health starts to drastically change).
Moving is not easy. It takes physical and emotional energy.  There are wonderful services that will help you pack and unpack and help you decorate your new home, however it still is an adjustment from where you are living.  Unfortunately, it never gets any easier and the longer you put it off, the harder it gets.  It is much better to move to a senior community when you are able to make friends and become an active part of the community.  Many senior communities require that you are able to live independently to be accepted to live there.  Some will require a detailed medical assessment that must be passed before you are able to move in.   Other communities will have long waiting lists, which could compound the issue.

Retirement communities are not old folk’s homes
Let’s face it, when we say we are not ready, what we are really saving is that you are not ready to move to a nursing home and live with all of those old people.   The fact is that today’s senior communities are active and vibrant communities and are more like a luxury resorts or country clubs.  The people who live at these communities have diverse and interesting backgrounds and have basically live a stress-free life and have the peace of mind of knowing that they have planned ahead.

Denial is not the river that runs in Egypt
Many people claim that they will never need care and if they do, they will arrange to have home health care come in and help.   Home health care is an option for some, however it could become very costly and it is may be very difficult to manage.  Thinking that you will never need care is unrealistic.  Nursing homes are filled will people who thought that they would never need care.  Statistically, it is a fact that people will require care at some point in their lives.  You can continue to deny that it will never happen to you or that you will “take your chances” however you taking a huge risk, which the ultimate loser being your spouse and your family (not to mention your pocketbook).

Evaluate what is important
Take a hard look at what is important in your life.  What are your priorities?  Staying put and not moving because you love your lakefront view from your patio or that you have wonderful neighbors is not a long term plan.  Your neighbors are not going to stay put because of you nor will the ducks in the lake. Talk with your spouse and your family and be realistic about your priorities.  Try to think long term and develop a plan from there.  Remember, think about the hundreds and hundreds of successful people like yourself that have moved to a senior community and wished they had done it sooner.  There must be a nugget of truth here.

Analysis paralysis
Some folks are researchers. They will gather all the brochures that they can find, tour as many places as they can, develop fancy spreadsheets and evaluate all the pros and cons of each community.  Many times, these folks gather so much information that they get stuck in making a decision.  Analysis paralysis takes over. Researching is very good idea, however you must determine a time frame of when you want the research to conclude.  You should develop your own personal wish list of what a perfect senior community could offer you and then compare this list to the communities you are visiting.  Utilizing a senior housing expert, such as Senior Housing Solutions is very good idea.

As experts, we can help you narrow down your choices by giving you completely objective and unbiased advice.  For more information, go to www.seniorhousingsolutions.net

The light bulb is not going to go off
Try to keep in my mind that no magic light bulb is going to go off to tell you that today is the day to move to a senior community.  Some people create a mental timeline in their brain and won’t do anything until they reach a certain age.  Even though that this might work for some, it is important to figure out what needs to occur between now and that specific age.  If you go this route, trust me, on your birthday, you are not going to say, “Okay dear, today is the day we move to XYZ community.”  It does take planning and research, however you can’t put it off forever. It is much better to move to a community and enjoy the lifestyle that are offered when you are able.  Studies have shown that people actually live longer in senior communities than if they were living in their own home.

Become educated about your options
Doing proper due diligence is important. This is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Make the decision when you are able and not when you are in a crisis mode (you are in no condition to move anyway). Plan ahead and evaluate your options. Talk with your family and make sure that they are in agreement with your decision.  Utilize the services of an expert and try not to one of those people who wished they would have done it sooner.  For more information, please call (239)595-0207.

Not Ready Yet Tips:
• Seek the advice of a professional
• Narrow down your choices
• Develop a personal wish list
• Have dinner (not lunch) at your preferred community
• Move as a couple, if possible
• Develop a plan of action

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Senior Housing Solutions is an expert referral resource to those considering a move to a retirement community, assisted living, Alzheimer or nursing care facility. Through in-depth knowledge of all of communities in the area including vital financial and operational stability information, Senior Housing Solutions provides ‘solutions’ by matching financial, lifestyle, location and care-related needs with the available options. With over 30 years’ experience in senior housing business, Senior Housing Solutions provides unparalleled expertise to its clients whether in a crisis mode or just planning ahead. For more information, please call (239)595-0207 or visit www.seniorhousingsolutions.net.

Bruce Rosenblatt has been involved with senior housing communities for nearly 30 years, both as a consultant and executive, and has over seen over 75 senior communities throughout the country including three prominent communities in the Naples area.

Bruce is the owner of Senior Housing Solutions, a personalized consulting service that provides expert advice to those people considering a move to a senior living community.

Bruce has been on the Board of Directors of the Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida, Retirement Housing Council in Florida, Public Relations of Collier County and the Jewish Federation of Collier County. He currently is a member of the Collier County Bar Association, the Men’s Cultural Alliance, and on the Board of the Naples Interagency Council.

Bruce is considered an expert in senior housing and has spoken at many national senior-related conferences throughout the nation as well as many local groups and organizations.  Bruce and his wife have lived in SWFL for over 25 years.   bruce@seniorhousingsolutins.net

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