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Identify Your “Why”

By Dr. Linell King

Identify Your “Why” The seemingly daunting challenge of changing and improving your health can be made very simple. It starts with identifying your “why.”

Why should you be your healthiest, most vital self?
Some vibrant and internally motivated individuals feel naturally driven to improve, always seeking out ways to grow, determined to show up each day as a better version of themselves than the day before. Others find motivation more readily outside of themselves, desiring to improve for the sake of others or the greater good of the world.

We all have something, that special person, pet, or part of life that brings us passion, purpose, and joy.

Perhaps your passion is creating, problem-solving; providing a product or service that others need or appreciate, and this brings joy in a deep and meaningful way. It might be your children, grandchildren, or simply holding the hand of the person you love, your person.

Most likely, you also are that special someone, always showing up for another who truly relies on you and loves the way that you enrich their lives. They need you to be present and they need you at your best.

What makes your heart sing? Who helps you see that you deserve a life of love, longevity and joy? Whatever it is that drives you, heals you, fills your heart with joy, embrace it. Seek out more of THAT.

You can learn to maximize your health and wellness. You can improve your quality of life and reduce preventable disease and suffering. Whether you do it for you, or someone you love, find your “why” and commit to it.

Creating better health may not always be easy, but it can be simple and your “why” is definitely worth it. Identify your “why” and we will show you “how.”

At Naples Vitality, we address weight loss, allergies, diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, inflammation, and more through thorough assessment, appropriate testing, and highly individualized functional medicine.

Linell King MD, renowned internist and author of “Mastering Vitality” received his medical degree from the University Of Wisconsin School Of Medicine, and completed his residency at The Johns Hopkins University Sinai Hospital Program of Internal Medicine. He has been practicing for twenty years; currently at his “Naples Vitality” office in Naples, FL

Our practice size is limited to ensure the best possible care for our clientele; we qualify and accept patients committed to working collaboratively to create improved health and continued success.

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