Hyperbaric Oxygen- A Way Of Life

By Yollo Wellness

Hyperbaric Oxygen- A Way Of LifeHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) by definition is oxygen pressurized above 1 atmospheric pressure. Here in Southwest Florida you are at sea level. You are at 1 ATM. To pressurize the oxygen, it involves breathing oxygen in a pressurized chamber. What many people don’t realize is here on earth you already live in a pressurized chamber. You are surrounded by gasses and air pressure, so what occurs is remarkable as injured or damaged cells actually begin to replicate themselves, creating new non-injured cells if you can pressurize even further than 1 ATM! The inspiration of oxygen under pressure allows it to reach the injured areas of the body or what we call the nooks and crannies, absorbing into all your bodily fluids, plasma and cerebral fluids. Let the healing begin!

At YOLLO Wellness, we feature 6 monoplace hyperbaric chambers. We also rent chambers in home and lease to own. In my last article you read the reason “why” we offer this. If you missed that you can read it on my webpage www.yollowellness.com under my bio. We will deliver a chamber anywhere in the world to you. We want to be the resource for people who are not able to get to a facility or have access to long term us because of the expense. Plus, who would not want to be able to use this in the privacy of your own home, as much as you like for the rest of your life?

The use of a hyperbaric chamber should become a life style, not an emergency. This should be incorporated into your “everyday” routine- exercise, daily food plan, supplement plan, prayer or meditation. The production of your own CoQ10, your own nitric oxide, reduction of free radicals & inflammation, release of Stem Cells, production of collagen are all key words that one hears to better the quality of life. The ONLY way to do this routinely and “naturally” (another key word) is by the use of pressurized oxygen.

Understanding dosing, pressure and amount of oxygen is key to understanding if a lower pressure chamber will help you. If you take the amount of pressure multiply it by the amount of oxygen and then multiply that by amount of minutes in the chamber you get what we call dosing. Dosing for one person may be different for another because everyone obtains results in a different span. It is always important to start with the lowest dose available and see how your body responds before you move to higher doses with all three areas, pressure, time and oxygen.

It is very confusing to learn about something when we aren’t getting all the right facts. Here is your hyperbaric 101 lesson. It is not a new concept- only new to people who haven’t done the research. I have listed a few time line events in history related to document HBOT.

320 BC: Alexander the Great used a chamber that was submersed under water

1662: Henshaw, British Clergyman, built his “Domicilium”, driven by organ bellows, with valves to control the flow of air, this sealed chamber was used to create both hyperbaric and hypobaric conditions. He hypothesized, without any scientific evidence: “In times of good health this domicilium is proposed as a good expedient to help digestion, to promote insensible respiration, to facilitate breathing and expectoration and consequently, of excellent use for prevention of most affections of the lungs.”

1775: Joseph Priestley; English amateur chemist; oxygen discovered independently from Karl W. Scheele; both Scheele and Priestley are given credit for its discovery. Priestly named it dephlogisticated air”, later it was renamed “oxygen” by Antoine Lavoisier

1783: Caillens; French physician was the first doctor reported to use oxygen therapy as a remedy

1841: M. Triger; first caisson for coal excavation; workers with arm and knee pain felt better when returning to work

1860-1870: J. Roebling and W. Roebling; Brooklyn Bridge caisson with 110 cases of decompression sickness; 2 fatal

1885: Williams wrote in the British Medical Journal, “The use of atmospheric air under different degrees of atmospheric pressure is one of the most important advances in modern medicine. We are astonished that in England this method of treatment has been so little used.”

1891: anesthesiologists J.L. Corning; first chamber in Rochester, NY; used air chamber to support cerebral spinal therapeutics; first electrical compressor

1921: O. Cunningham from Kansas City, MO; 10 ft by 88 ft. chamber used air to treat hypoxic states; later used to treat hypertension, syphilis, cancer, and diabetes mellitus; this resulted in a challenge by the AMA in the 1930s

1928: Henry Timken from Cleveland, Ohio, of the Timken ball-bearing fame built a 6 story, 72 room hyperbaric hotel; the chambers used compressed air with poor success; the 1929 stock market crash caused the hotel to fail

1960: Boerema; published Life Without Blood; described oxygen transport in plasma of pigs without red cells; considered the father of modern hyperbaric medicine

1977: UMS formalized and approved the list of approved treatments

2006-2009: Rossignol first describes the possibility that hyperbaric oxygen therapy may improve symptoms in autistic children; he then completes a pilot study showing the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on oxidative stress, inflammation, and symptoms in children with autism; next he publishes how hyperbaric oxygen therapy might improve certain pathophysiological findings in autism; he publishes the first double-blind placebo-controlled study documenting low pressure, low oxygen concentrations showing statistical significance to improve symptoms in children with autism

2007: Neubrander reports the results of low pressure, low oxygen concentrations for extended periods of time as compared to standard low pressure, low oxygen concentrations and standard high pressure, 100% oxygen concentrations for the usual treatment times commonly used There are several sizes types and sizes of chambers. I personally work with the portable chambers, which are used for home treatment. These are usually referred to as “mild personal hyperbaric chambers”, which is a reference to the lower pressure (compared to hard chambers) or soft-sided chambers. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved chambers for use with room air are that are available in the USA and may go up to 4.4 pounds per square inch (psi) above atmospheric pressure, which equals 1.3 atmospheres absolute (ATA), equivalent to a depth of 10 feet of sea water. In the US, these “mild personal hyperbaric chambers” are categorized by the FDA as CLASS II medical devices and requires a prescription in order to purchase one or take treatments. Personal hyperbaric chambers are only FDA approved to reach 1.3 ATA. While hyperbaric chamber distributors and manufacturers cannot supply a chamber in the US with any form of elevated oxygen delivery system, a physician can write a prescription to combine the two modalities, as long as there is a prescription for both hyperbaric and oxygen. The most common option (but not approved by FDA) some patients choose is to acquire an oxygen concentrator which typically delivers 85–96% oxygen as the breathing gas. Oxygen is never fed directly into soft chambers but is rather introduced via a line and mask directly to the patient. FDA approved oxygen concentrators for human consumption in confined areas used for HBOT are regularly monitored for purity (+/- 1%) and flow (10 to 15 liters per minute outflow pressure). An audible alarm will sound if the purity ever drops below 80%. Personal hyperbaric chambers use 120 volt or 220 volt outlets. Ranging in size from 21 inches up to 40 inches in diameter, these chambers measure between 84 in (7 ft) to 120 in (10 ft) in length. The soft chambers are approved by the FDA for the treatment of altitude sickness, but are commonly used for other “off-label” purposes.

At YOLLO Wellness Hyperbaric Center, we specialize in “off-label” conditions. Autoimmune Diseases are on the rise. MS seems to be the popular issue we are getting calls on every day. Fibromyalgia, pain, tissue healing from operations, broken bone, RSD, digestive issues, liver issues, and much more. There are no drugs that are going to fix these diseases. We provide you with the information on how to detox your body, avoid food and environmental toxins, and restore your gut: The primary brain toxic-fier. We test you for foods, toxins, environmental toxins, medicines (using ALCAT format) and supplement absorption levels (using Spectra Cell’s Micronutrient testing), this combined with hyperbaric treatments puts you on the road for healing, maintaining better health and having a better quality of life.

The combination of hyperbaric oxygen, elimination of inflammation through foods, proper levels of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids is the best way to train the new stem cells released through hyperbaric oxygen to promote maximum healing. The Wellness Consultants at YOLLO Wellness Hyperbaric Center will formulate a personalized program to meet your specific needs. Whether you are trying to sculpt your body and learn what foods are right to obtain your personal goals or you are tired of being tired and in pain, we have a 30-60-90 day program just for you. Several area physicians are promoting the use of HBOT with their PRP, Prolozone and Stem Cell Treatments, along with their pain protocol as a “better way towards quality of life”. We have contacts of patient advocates that will review your case and place you with the treatments outside of YOLLO Wellness if what we have to offer needs to be incorporated with other treatments programs.

This last key note is where we are seeing a huge movement in the direction of stem cell mobilization. A number of published studies show that hyperbaric oxygen will mobilize your own body’s stem cells making them available for repair anywhere needed in the body. This appears to increase nitric oxide production which directly increases stem cell production and release. Hyperbaric oxygen also increases vascularity (angiogenesis) and returns the body to state of homeostasis.

Learn how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can enhance your life! Contact us to schedule consult today.

Please note: a prescription is required for hyperbaric oxygen based on the FDA regulations.

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