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HOW TO SELECT THE BEST QUALIFIED ATTORNEYThroughout this series of articles, we have repeatedly referred to the “qualified and experienced” professional.

Initially, that qualified professional may be a social worker, financial planner, insurance professional, CPA or a personal tax advisor, many of whom may know a great deal about the nursing home Medicaid area.

These professionals will often be your starting point when planning is required and they will surely need to be called upon during the process. But ultimately, you will need another professional to bring all parts of your plan together, and that professional is a qualified Medicaid attorney who is also an accredited VA attorney.

An Attorney experienced in Medicaid and VA matters can offer invaluable help that can save you many thousands of dollars. A well-qualified attorney will make sure that all of your issues are considered and that you are doing precisely what needs to be done to protect all of your life savings. In this series of articles, we have shown how the Medicaid rules work together with the use of certain planning strategies. We have purposely kept the planning solutions fairly simple in order not to confuse you; but t is important to remember that there are numerous combinations of these rules and strategies. They must be intermeshed with a certain precision and fine-tuning in each situation to bring about the best result for each client. There is definitely no “one size fits all” in Medicaid and VA planning.

Once you have made your shortlist of “Medicaid and VA attorneys” through referrals from other attorneys, doctors, pastor or friends that have previously used a Medicaid and VA attorney, you are ready to begin the selection process.

After the initial conference, determine the following to your satisfaction:

1) What percentage of the attorney’s practice is devoted to Medicaid and VA law?

2) Has the attorney written or spoken on the subjects of Medicaid and VA benefits.

3) Ask about charges/fees and specifically what work will be performed.

4) Get a current list of references.

When you are confident with an attorney’s ability and comfortable with that attorney’s demeanor and response to your questions, you will have selected the “best qualified attorney” for you.

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