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HospiceIf you or a loved one need respite care after surgery or ongoing care for chronic or terminal illness, you may be considering enlisting the help of a home health care company. Home health care and hospice aides can help patients with a variety of tasks, including everything from nutritional guidance to pain management.

Choosing home care or hospice services can be an emotional and difficult decision. Gathering the right information can help make your decision easier. First of all, be sure to understand the needs of the patient—whether that is for you or a home care agency

There are many different types of health care services provided in the home:

Home medical equipment companies deliver and maintain equipment and instruct patients and/or family members on equipment use.

Home health professional services include nursing, medical, social work, and speech, physical and occupational therapies providing education and treatment in the patients home.

Personnel care and support services assist with activities such as bathing and light housekeeping.

Pharmaceutical services provide medications and check the patient’s response to medications.

Hospice programs provide support for terminally ill patients and their families.

Ask your doctor or the hospital discharge planner or social worker to recommend a few local home care or hospice programs. Talk with representatives from each one, and use the following questions to help you get the information you need to choose the best organization for you.

  • What types of services does the home care or hospice provide? Does it offer services forchildren?
  • How long has the home care or hospice been in business? Are they accredited with JCAHO, CHAP or ACHC?
  • Does the home care or hospice accept payment from Medicare and Medicaid? Does it have a list of its fees and services? Can the home care or hospice help you find financial help if you need it?
  • How does the home care or hospice train and manage its staff? Does a supervisor come to the patient’s home to review the care being given? Are the home care workers licensed and bonded?
  • Is the home care or hospice prepared in case of an emergency like a power failure or a natural disaster? Will it still be able to deliver the services you need?
  • Will the home care or hospice create a care plan just for you or your loved one? You and your home care professional should agree on the services the patient will receive, how often the visits will take place, and how long the treatment will last.
  • Does a nurse or therapist conduct an initial visit and review the type of care the patient needs at home? Are family members, doctors or other health care professionals involved in this review?
  • If medical equipment like a suction machine, oxygen or wheel chair is needed, will the home care or hospice teach the patient or responsible family members how to use the equipment in the home?
  • Does the home care or hospice have a 24-hour telephone number you can call when you have questions or complaints?
  • Does the home care or hospice have a list of references, such as doctors and patients and their family members, that you can contact?

Choosing a home care provider for yourself or a loved one is an important decision. Infinity is Medicare Certified and ACHC accredited. Managed by dedicated health care professionals with over 100 years of combined medical experience, Infinity team members are educated and well trained. So you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best care according to your personal needs.

It is clear that the home care and hospice team members at Infinity are committed to providing quality care. Whether it’s for rehabilitation after a stay in the hospital, or a patient who needs education or skilled care in their home. Having Infinity representatives as part of your health care team is the next best thing to having your primary physician care for you in your home. The Infinity care providers work closely with both the patient and the primary physician to ensure a cohesive plan and that there are no gaps in the health care received.

Every Infinity team member has the same goal; to provide patients the very best in health care services with compassion and respect. They offer a full range of services specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each patient.

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