How a Calcium Score Test Can Offer Significant Hope for Your Cardiovascular Health

Calcium ScoreIndividuals with cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease have blood flow disruptions that can occur in the feet and legs, brain, arms, and heart. When the blood vessels are narrowed or damaged, the blood flow becomes obstructed, and other complications can coincide. Individuals with arterial and venous disease are very often related to atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries and veins). Atherosclerosis can lead to stroke, heart attacks, and other blood vessel conditions like DVT’s (Deep Vein Thrombosis), venous insufficiency, and pulmonary embolisms.

Atherosclerosis issues affect 3 million Americans each year. Plaque is made up of fats, cholesterol, and other substances in and on your artery walls. If the plaque breaks off, it can cause a blood clot. If it narrows and blocks blood flow, you can go into cardiac arrest or other conditions.

If you are someone that struggles with high cholesterol, diabetes, pre-diabetes, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, PAD, or PVD, you might be interested in a non-invasive procedure that can measure the amount of plaque in your arteries. It’s called a calcium score.

To precisely measure and detect plaque, a computerized tomography (CT) calcium score scan is an innovative technology that offers detailed results and is a precise way to detect atherosclerosis. Knowing the level of plaque a patient has provides their physician with significant information regarding the patient’s risk factors for blockages, episodes of stroke or cardiovascular disease, and other associated conditions. It also is a great tool to help get patients motivated about their health, their diet, taking medications, and making lifestyle changes.

RAVE offers this advanced diagnostic imaging for their patients. Call today to schedule your appointment.

RAVE Imaging
RAVE Imaging, Radiology Associates of Venice & Englewood, understands the importance of providing the best technology and the most advanced diagnostic tools for their patients.

RAVE is a radiology practice, which has been active for over 30 years. They currently consist of 10 board certified radiologists, many of which have postgraduate fellowships with subspecialty training, all of whom have years of fulltime experience. There are over 90 health care professions working with RAVE to provide the best possible radiologic services in Sarasota County. In addition to their personnel, they have some of the best radiologic imaging devices available. Superior visualization makes your diagnoses accurate and timely, preventing potentially dangerous delays in the initiation of your therapy. At RAVE, you can have confidence you’re getting top-notch professional assistance in your diagnosis and care.

RAVE Diagnostic Services
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging
• 3T Wide Bore MRI (Open)
• Multi-Slice CT
• Cancer & Heart Calcium Screening
• P.E.T. (Positron Emission Tomography)
• Digital Mammography
• Nuclear Medicine
• Ultrasound
• Osteoporosis (Bone Density/DEXA) Evaluation
• Diagnostic Radiology/X-ray
• Non-invasive Vascular Testing

Along with screenings, imaging, and diagnostic services, RAVE also offers advanced, interventional procedures.

Interventional Radiology
Interventional Radiology is a subspecialty of radiology in which minimally invasive procedures are performed using imaging guidance. Some of these procedures are done for purely diagnostic purposes, while others are done for treatment purposes. Pictures are used to direct these procedures, which are usually done with needles or other tiny instruments like small tubes called catheters. The images provide road maps that allow the Interventional Radiologist to guide these instruments through the body to the areas of interest.

As mentioned, it’s imperative not to put off any screenings, such as breast mammography, lung CT’s, Brain imaging, or any other services or surgical procedures that are crucial to monitor and maintain your health at the highest level. Some cancers and conditions can rapidly proliferate or wreak havoc on your health if they are not examined and evaluated in a timely manner.

You can Trust that RAVE Imaging is here for you through these uncertain times, and their top priority is your health and safety.

To schedule your appointment or for more information, please visit their website at

RAVE Imaging

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