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Home Sweet HomeCaring for a loved one at home is time consuming, exhausting, stressful, and worrisome (am I properly giving them the attention needed to improve or maintain the quality of their life).

Family, neighbors, and good friends may be able to help; however there comes a time when a professional care worker needs to step in.  The cost often tends to place a fear, the fear that you as the family member will have to pay out of pocket or out of your parent’s pocket to the point of liquidating all assets for services.

There are options; one is to look into long care health insurance through your current provider or investigate other insurance providers.  This is not such a bad idea to set up for your own future as well as a parent or love one.  I was upset when my own mother at the young age of sixty took out “Nursing Home Insurance”.  My reply was “Don’t be silly, you have four daughters, you will be provided for, we would never place you in a nursing home facility!”  She smiled at me stating that “It’s easy to express those feelings currently because I am healthy; however just wait until I become around the clock care and let’s see if you still feel the same way”.  She was right, would I have the patience, time, and expertise to take care of her.

Well there is some good news; around the clock care is not always necessary or at least not right away.  For example if a love one has heart disease they might only need help with special tasks such as meal preparation, housework, or bathing, to name a few.

Some of these situations may only be temporary.  Duke University conducted a study working with two manage care organizations and documented the following information.
• Patients were surveyed following a nine month discharge from a hospital.
• Those patients recovering from heart attacks and by pass surgery felt that their health status using a home health care provider was much better than those who did not choice the service.
• Health care providers were a necessity to keep patients sticking to their recovery routine, scheduled appointments with physicians and repeated procedures.  Those that did not choose home health care cut their recovery period short and/or did not heed to the recovery instructions advised by their physicians after discharge.
• Home Health Care had people feeling better about themselves, found their recovery more manageable, and the quality of life improved without the negativity of feeling as if they will not return to their previous lifestyle.
• In the end there was long term savings having a more positive, beneficial recovery verses the lack of proper care, attention and treatment that led to other debilitating factors and further expenses.

There are several different levels of service offered to provide companionship and assist with daily living.

Companions: Is someone who can sit with the client, prepare meals, perform light housekeeping, run errands and give daily reminders to the clients such as taking their medications.  There is no physical contact with the aide and patient under this service.

Home health Care Aide: Is someone who performs the same duties as a companion, except there is personal contact which includes bathing, dressing, medical assistance, and monitor vital signs.

Nursing:    Is a licensed skilled caregiver who can administer treatments, perform blood work, administer medications, and IV transfusions.

Live-Ins: Are Home Health Aides who live in your home and provide around the clock care.

Bath Visits: Are Home health Aides that clock in for one hour of service.

Med Box Set Up:    Our nurse will come and set up a med box every two weeks

Services are very individualized and cater to the patients needs.  If you decide to choose home care for whatever the need is, a nurse will make an initial assessment where they will meet with the patient, a family member (if available) and do a routine safety inspection of the home to make recommendations such as safety bars in shower.

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