By Dr. Rich Bimler, Lutheran Life Communities –

Holy DaysHappy December! This month can be full of many dazzling opportunities as well as many frazzled experiences. If you are like most people, you probably find December bringing you both the AH-HA’s of life as well as the UH-OH’s of life! Welcome to the club!

But rejoice! Here are some tempting tips on how to turn some of your frazzles into dazzling dazzles this holiday:

  1. Be realistic in your expectations. No need to pout that some family members will not be with you this year or that perhaps some favorite decorations will be missing. Rather than focusing on what “was”, try focusing on what “is”. Go ahead, give it a try !
  2. Perhaps your role in the family has changed and you are no longer “in charge”, as if you ever were in charge. Relax, step back, and let the holidays become Holy-days before your very eyes!
  3. Look for new surprises and enjoy your new friends even though old friends may no longer be with you.
  4. Keep some of your holiday traditions going as you are able but also invent new ones. Invite new friends to come and see you. Play a new game. Read the Christmas story again. Wrap up things you no longer want or need and give them to someone as a gift!
  5. Say, “thanks” often and encourage, encourage, encourage those around you as you listen, listen, listen to their personal joys and sorrows.
  6. Include on your prayer list each day the people who send you Christmas cards.
  7. Look for surprises this month, and enjoy the changing lives of family and friends.
  8. Enjoy the decorations in your home, in others, in your neighborhood. Enjoy the wonder of the birth of our Lord, and also wonder why and how people decorate the way they sometimes do!
  9. Remember some old friends who may be stuck on their frazzles this Christmas time. Call them, text them, e-mail them, talk to them, pray for them. Dazzle them with your care and love.
  10. Celebrate the moment of the birth of our Savior! Perhaps we sometimes focus too much on preparing for Christmas and forget about the purpose of Christmas. There He is – look! He is not only in the Manger, He is also living in and through and among you, as our Lord brings the dazzles of life to us, in the midst of our frazzles!
  11. Blessed December! Blessed Christmas, from The Arlington of Naples!

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