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The Holidays Can Cause Extreme Anxiety For Individuals With Dementia

The Holidays Can Cause Extreme Anxiety For Individuals With DementiaThe holidays are filled with lots of activities, family gatherings, social events, and decorations; however, with all of this joyous activity, often comes stress for many people, but when it comes to someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the effects can be overwhelming. Even though we’re all extra busy, it’s essential this time of year to be mindful of our loved ones and friends that have cognitive impairments.

Holiday Stressors for People with Dementia
Being around large crowds is difficult for those with dementia. It can make them feel as though they are “on display,” and they can become very self-conscious and feel awkward around too many people. Even if it’s relatives or friends that they know well, but haven’t seen for a while, many individuals with dementia are uncertain if they are “supposed” to know someone, and in an effort to go under the radar, they retreat and can even become combative or extremely despondent and sad.

People with dementia function best in a familiar environment, and changes such as decorations can make a recognizable surrounding seem unfamiliar and can put them in an anxious state. Christmas lights on the tree or on a wreath can also bother someone with dementia. The lights can cast a glow that bothers their eyesight and disrupts their daily routine.

Even if your parent used to love decorating, it’s best to leave the decorations to a minimum, or maybe to choose not to have decorations in their presence at all. This is especially true in their bedroom or wherever they spend most of their time.

When you decide to have family gatherings, it’s also important to be aware of allowing the person with dementia to retreat to another room if they choose to do so, but they should have their caregiver that they are comfortable with alongside them in these situations, as to not exacerbate their anxiety or depression.

Life in general can be quite scary and strange for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. at this time of year, let’s all be extra attentive and sensitive to their needs.

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