Are Hidden Food Allergies Making You FAT?

By Yollo Wellness

Hidden Food Allergies300,000 people die annually from health problems related to obesity. Is your food worth dying for? There are many reasons why we are fatter than ever. The modern diet consists of over processed, fatty foods. They are called “skeletal” foods because they contain very little nutrients with a lot of calories. All structure and functions of the human body are built from and run on nutrients. ALL of them. Certified nutritionists Deb and Wendy at YOLLO Wellness want to educate you on how to take your vitamins and nutrients and shed the unwanted body fat for good.

Weight Loss Program
• Trained professional staff will assist in every step in the process
• Lose weight through nutrition, fitness, motivation, & education
• Individualized food program based on blood testing of 250 foods
• Individualized nutrient (vitamin) program based on blood testing of 32 vitamins
• Daily food plans to take the guess work out of the equation
• Weekly visits to monitor your blood cells functions and track your weight loss
• Certified supplements for faster results while becoming healthier
• 3 month program that educates you for a lifetime!
• The only thing you pay for is your blood work and supplements- ALL office visits, blood cell analysis, educational DVDs and books are FREE!
• Start a healthier and happier life today!

YOLLO Wellness

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