Helping Cancer Therapy Succeed with Proper Oral Care

By Dr. Ricardo S. Bocanegra, DDS –

Helping Cancer Therapy Succeed with Proper Oral CareAs a patient of ours prepares for radiation or chemotherapy, we shoulder a serious responsibility. We understand the urgency for treatment, and how important it is to focus on resolving dental conditions that could compromise overall health down the road.

Cancer therapy is an extreme endeavor to defuse an extreme disease. Your system, depending on your situation, could hit the wall. In the mouth, saliva flow may be diminished, which in turn causes soreness and maybe even tooth loss.

Oftentimes, during cancer treatments when you need the nutrients the most, food doesn’t taste so good and/or it is simply a chore to eat. But if you go into treatment healthy, chances are much improved for a graceful recovery. Time is of the essence. Tell your dentist the moment you are schedule for therapy. We will clear the decks and make our services available to you.

Cracked fillings, sharp edges, failed restorations, gum problems- any and all must be disarmed prior to treatments. Extraction should be healed before therapy begins. Dentures need to fit perfectly to provide you with the best tools for consuming an adequate amount of food with fewer complications. And a thorough oral cleaning, at the very least, should be performed prior to beginning cancer therapy. Education is key to any type of recovery, especially when recovering from cancer. With this in mid, Dr. Ricardo Bocanegra and entire staff at Porto Fino Dental will answer any questions you may have concerning the role of oral health in cancer recovery. They will rehearse post therapy care with you, so you can control any side effects of the therapy at home following your procedures.

It is often said that overall health starts with what you put in your mouth and how well your oral health is, this statement is even more important when going through cancer therapy. If you have any questions, please call Dr. Bocanegra’s office at 239-482-8806.

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