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Heart Risk Assessment and Age

Did you know over 84 million Americans suffer from a form of cardiovascular disease? The human heart beats 100,000 times a day and around 2.5 billion times in an average lifetime. February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and with heart disease being the leading cause of death for both men and women it is imperative to be aware of your heart’s age and what you can do to keep it running in tip top shape.

At Physicians Regional our cardiac teams provide comprehensive cardiac care services for patients throughout the area.

Our dedicated cardiac care team is here to provide tools, techniques, and talent to meet a complex situation head on. From heart failure to heart attack, vascular disease and beyond, our wide range of services, treatments, and education on a heart-healthy lifestyle can meet you wherever you may be on your journey to a healthy heart.

Both Physicians Regional Healthcare System locations, Pine Ridge and Collier Boulevard, are Accredited Chest Pain Centers. What does this mean exactly? It means as an Accredited Chest Pain Center (CPC) our approach to cardiac patient care allows clinicians to reduce time to treatment during the critical early stages of a heart attack. Physicians Regional Healthcare System Pine Ridge location has received a full Chest Pain Center with Primary PCI Accreditation, and has Percutaneous Coronary Intervention on site 24/7. Some of our other cardiac services include our ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) program, diagnostic and interventional procedures, cardiac imaging, and cardiac and pulmonary rehab.

Heart Risk Assessment and AgeIn addition to our current cardiac services, Physicians Regional Pine Ridge location will have Open Heart Surgery in late 2020 and will be welcoming two cardiothoracic surgeons to complete the team. Physicians Regional’s expanded center for cardiac and vascular care will include advanced surgical equipment and technologies allowing a full range of invasive and interventional cardiology procedures. Clinical care is being enhanced with a dedicated cardiovascular intensive care unit for open heart surgery patients and a new recovery area for cardiac and interventional patients.

Take our heart risk assessment at to get heart health tips and information you can share with your physician. Or, we can introduce you to a member of our team.

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