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Advanced Hearing Solutions
– Dr. Noël Crosby, Au.D.

Here at Advanced Hearing Solutions we strive to create the best outcomes for each patient’s individual’s needs. We have learned over the years that no two people have the same hearing loss or requirements. We also know that hearing aids are only the first step to improved hearing. We are committed to our patients and our community to provide the best services for each individual needs. There are many resources available to the hearing impaired that may improve their ability to hear and communicate, this is one of our main reasons why we are having a Hearing Care is Health Care EXPO. We want to reach out to those with hearing health care needs that do not know where to go to get answers to their questions.

Some of the vendors who can provide valuable information who will be attending the EXPO can be found below.

One of the most helpful resources available to the hearing impaired are specialized telephones. These telephones can be captioned or relay phones and both of these phones and the Telephone Relay Service (TRS) they work with, are available at no cost for those who qualify.

There will be representatives from Caption Call, a national provider of specialized phones.  Caption Call already provides these specialized phones and captioning to many of the hearing impaired in our community. The Florida Telephone Relay Service will be providing information about the valuable service that they provide to many of Florida’s hearing impaired residents. Oticon, Widex, Phonak and Lyric who are among the largest and most popular international hearing aid manufacturers will also be in attendance. There will be a representative from Cochlea America’s to provide information and will be available to answer your questions about cochlear implants.

Another great resource for hearing aid users are hearing loop systems.  The technical name for these systems is Audio Frequency Induction Loop System.  In its most simple form, this system utilizes a loop of copper wire around the perimeter of an area that is connected to an induction hearing loop amplifier. A looping system allows the sounds coming from a public address system to be received directly to hearing aids that have a T-coil.  This technology expands the functionality of the hearing aids and picks up all the sounds coming from the stage.

There are many notable organizations and support groups available to the hearing impaired.  The leading advocacy organization is the Hearing Loss Association of America.  HLAA publishes Hearing Loss Magazine, holds annual conventions, provides online learning and advocates for the rights of people with hearing loss.  The national support network includes state organizations and local chapters. A representative of the local HLAA group will be at the EXPO. Our local chapter has a very strong membership that is very involved with advocating for the rights of the hearing impaired in our community.  These companies as well as a few surprises will be at the EXPO.   Dr. Noël Crosby and her staff will also be there to answer your questions about your hearing health.  We look forward to meeting all who attend!

Save the Date:
Thursday February 11th 2016
11:00am – 3:00pm
Englewood Chamber of Commerce,
located at 601 South Indiana Ave.

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