Healthy Skin During COVID-19

By Lisa Giamarino, Licensed Clinical Aesthetician

Healthy Skin During COVID-19COVID-19 has had an interesting impact in skincare. Suddenly people who have never taken much interest in their skincare regimes are realizing that when they don’t wear makeup daily, because they’re staying home from work or not going out very much; their skin looks better. But, pair that with too much time watching YouTube, and scouring through the Instagram profiles of uneducated skincare “experts,” then we have a problem! Compound that with having to wear a mask everywhere…well, now we have a new term – “MASKNE!”

What is so fascinating to me, is that although people are paying more attention to their skin, they seem to be relying on sources that don’t offer the correct advice. Skin is the largest organ in our body, everyone sees it, yet people are willing to slap just about anything on it. Or nothing at all for that matter. Without actually taking a very close look at someone’s skin, and touching it, most people get persuaded to purchase skincare products that are not advisable, too abrasive, do absolutely nothing, or contain terrible ingredients.

As a non-skincare expert, how do you decipher what to actually use for you specific skin type, and condition? My first suggestion is to find an aesthetician who knows a lot – not just about different types of treatments, but also understands ingredients, and who takes the time to do a very thorough intake. Give yourself the experience of having a facial. See what it feels like to walk out with clean skin, having used the correct products and being shown the correct products for home use.

It’s important to understand that a good skincare regime does not have to take fifty steps or use the most expensive skincare. A lot of it is trial and error. As an experienced aesthetician, I’m always tweaking my routine, however, there are some constants. I never leave the house without sunblock, I use vitamin C, retinol and eye cream daily, and I drink a ton of water. All the other stuff is just an added bonus for my skin. The trick is finding the right “added bonus” for you.

Many people question the cost of regular facials. I can tell you unequivocally, that if you go once, have a professional aesthetician guide you towards the correct products for your skin, you will, in the long-run, spend much less than if you shop blindly online or in department stores testing product after product without getting real results. If I have a client who follows my protocols, and uses the correct at home routine, they really shouldn’t have to come more often than every eight to ten weeks for maintenance. Additional enhancement treatments such as micro-needling, dermaplaning, etc. are just the added bonus. The next level.

If you have a real skin condition such as acne or hyperpigmentation, there are a lot of products that can make matters worse. This population of people can easily wreak havoc on their skin when not guided properly. That havoc costs a lot of money. A qualified skincare expert can recommend the correct program and refer you to the right dermatologist, if needed.

It seems as though every celebrity, makeup line, clothing designer and influencer is coming out with a skincare brand. There is a reason for that. The skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Have I fallen into the trap? Of course! But I can tell pretty quickly what will work for my skin. I always tell my clients…let me buy the products and test them out. It’s a tax write-off for me. I try all kinds of skincare products and gadgets, even ones that are not necessarily correct for my skin so that I know what to recommend to my clients. I try high-end products. I try obscure lines. I try items you can easily purchase at CVS. I have a full arsenal in my back pocket for every budget and level of commitment. It really does exist!

Something to also note is that many skincare brands that are sold in skincare practices are the enhanced, or MD lines that may not readily be sold in stores or online. They contain more potent active ingredients. That’s not the case with all of them, but it is for most. As aestheticians, we are vigorously trained in product lines so that the customer gets attainable, ingredient-driven results.

And finally…how do you tackle the dreaded “maskne?” If you don’t have to wear makeup, don’t. Don’t reuse disposable masks and wash reusable masks daily. The moment you get home, wash your face and never ever go to bed with makeup on. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, bare-faced, and loving what you see.

ABOUT Lisa Giamarino
Licensed Clinical Esthetician, Head Neck & Face Certified Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, Professional Makeup Artist & Certified Lash Technician
Lisa was the owner of a successful Pilates and sports medicine business in New York for 12 years, but her love of skincare and all things beauty has always been her passion.

Lisa decided to move with her family from New York to Florida in early 2013. Once getting settled, she decided to pursue her passion for skin and makeup application and attended the Bonita School of Massage and Cosmetology where she took many additional courses above and beyond the scope of licensure to include derma-planing, microdermabrasion, microneedling, ultrasound, lymphatic massage, and lesion removal.

Lisa has taken her lymphatic drainage massage of the face, neck and chest to another level by offering this very targeted approach in helping clients on their journey to recovery after facial plastic surgery due to cosmetic procedures or traumatic injuries. She works closely with some of Naples’s top plastic surgeons and has developed an effective protocol to aid in a quicker healing process.

Her belief that the skin is the manifestation of what is going on in the inside, allows her clients to understand that it takes more than just facials and makeup application for skin to look healthy. She therefore found a great partnership with Omni Balanced Life Center where she can refer her clients to other modalities that can take care of a person from many different angles. Her diverse background in course of studies allows her to ensure results when helping clients change the health and look of their skin. She has also created beautiful looks for headshots, weddings, and special events as her training and passion extends into the beauty industry.

Her impeccable eye for what healthy skin can look like allows her to encourage her clients to take a broader look at their health and overall wellness since the skin tells the story of what the inside is doing. Lisa is currently completing her license in electrology and laser.

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