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By Timothy J. Roupas, Au.D. –

May is Better Hearing month, and there is not a better time to make sure you’re hearing your best for the upcoming summer. Studies have shown that with proper treatment of hearing loss, individuals experience higher self-esteem, increased social activity levels, stronger relationships with friends and loved ones, higher earning potential and an overall improved quality of life. Furthermore, our hearing ability can change at any age, not just in older adulthood. The effects of high noise levels, loud music, power tools, machinery, and shooting can all have permanent effects on the sensory organ of our hearing, the cochlea.

Hearing protection has never been more important! In our fast-paced world of mobile audio applications and wireless headphone use, we are all in some way susceptible to the harmful effects of noise in our environment. This level of awareness will continue to grow even more important, as we are now seeing teenagers and adults of all ages with early-onset noise-induced hearing loss. Custom silicone earplugs, as well as custom stage monitor earphones are excellent solutions for protecting the sensitive hair cells of our inner ear from harmful noise levels.

To celebrate Better Hearing month, we are offering a complimentary
consultation and hearing screening for those who suspect they may have a hearing loss.

For more information, please call our office or visit us online.

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