Healthy Eyes Start with a Healthy Body

Healthy Eyes Start with a Healthy BodyWhen it comes to eyes there are a few problems that can occur. Often these problems arise as we age, but some are quite preventable. Looking after our eyes is important throughout our life as failing eye sight can become a significant hardship. There are some lifestyle factors that can affect our eye health. Smokers and those with poor diets for example are more likely to have things wrong with their eyes as they get older. This article will outline all the ways we can help keep our eyes strong and healthy the natural way.

Living a healthy life will ensure your eyes have the best chance of staying healthy. This means you should not smoke, you should limit alcohol and you should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. This is usually the advice for keeping any health related problem at bay and with the eyes it is no different. These choices can help to prevent macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and others!

Our eyes are under increasing strain because we live in the “Information Age”. We have substantially more information to keep track of than we did even a decade ago. Staring at computer screens and televisions for hours on end can cause eyestrain. Have you ever had tired or puffy eyes? That could be your eyes’ way of telling you its time for a break. If you think you are suffering from eye strain then you should take frequent breaks from whatever activity you are doing. Take a few minutes hourly to rest your eyes by making a phone call, take a bathroom break, or get a drink of water! This gives your eyes a different focus demand which helps your visual system maintain balance and optimal function.

Unfortunately eye problems can occur regardless of measures taken. When we age our eyes can degenerate which can lead to worsening eye sight and other serious problems. One of the leading causes of visual impairment and blindness in the United States is the result of glaucoma, which can affect individuals of all ages, but usually it is a condition of middle age and older individuals. Glaucoma is a disorder of the eye where the optic nerve is damaged and can permanently damage vision in the eye/eyes that is affected. Most of the time eye drops will help when abnormalities are identified in glaucoma patient. If untreated, this condition can lead to blindness so once a diagnosis of glaucoma is made, treatment should start immediately with medical care from a skilled, trained glaucoma doctor.

Studies have shown that there may be some factors that increase a person’s chances of getting glaucoma such as dietary factors, ethnicity, genetics, prolonged use of steroids, severe diabetic retinopathy, ocular trauma and more. Individuals at risk of this disease are advised to have a dilated eye exam once every 2 years however; older patients may be advised to test annually.

If you think you are experiencing some of the symptoms of glaucoma, or just want to learn how to prevent this condition, Call Dr. Lang’s office today. A thorough analysis of ones family medical history, personal medical history, along with a comprehensive eye exam will provide you and Dr. Lang the ability to determine your risk factors for this disease. Remember, another name for Glaucoma is “The Silent Thief of Sight”. When people wait for symptoms as it relates to Glaucoma, it is too late! Don’t take your good vision for granted! Make an appointment today to protect your sight!

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